Teaching English Abroad

Whether you’re new to teaching or looking to make a change, we have resources to help you start your journey teaching English abroad off on the right foot. Learn how to be a better teacher for your international students, land the teach abroad job of your dreams, and make the transition to life abroad. We’re here to help every step of the way, from TEFL/TESOL certification that will qualify you for jobs around the world to vetting TEFL employers, so you can find a legitimate job in a foreign country. Embrace the adventure. We’ll help with the rest!

Do I Need a TEFL/TESOL Certificate If I Have a Degree?

In today’s hypercompetitive TEFL universe, having more qualifications will open up the most doors when it comes to teaching English. But what exactly are those qualifications? If you hold a bachelor’s degree in a related subject (or even an unrelated one) do you still need to earn a TEFL/TESOL certification?

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Teaching English to Adults vs. Kids – What to Know

What is your preferred age group when it comes to teaching English in the classroom or online? Learn about the key differences, the qualifications to teach adults vs. kids online or in person, the regions where particular age groups are more commonly taught, and more!

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More Q&A From the Bridge TEFL/TESOL Jobs Facebook Group

The Bridge TEFL/TESOL Jobs Facebook Group is a community of job seekers and ESL teachers who come together to share knowledge, discuss job-related topics, and ask questions. Read a sampling of members’ recent questions, with answers from Bridge.

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You’re Never Too Old to Teach English Abroad or Online!

While the typical profile of a TEFL/TESOL teacher is someone in their twenties, that doesn’t mean that teaching English is reserved for the young. Whether you’re a career changer or a retiree, you’re never too old to teach English abroad or online.

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Brandon, From the US, on His Career Teaching English in Southeast Asia

Formerly in the marketing field, Brandon decided to “reboot” his life at 30 and accept an English teaching job abroad in South Korea. Little did he know that he’d be in the country for six years, going on to teach in other Asian countries before returning to the US to earn a master’s degree in teaching English as a second language.

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A Teacher Describes Her Recent Return to the Classroom in China

Coleen currently lives in China, where she was teaching English when the coronavirus pandemic first hit and her in-person classes all moved online. Now that her school has reopened, we asked her to describe her experience returning to the classroom.

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Bridge Grad, Hawra, From the US, Kindergarten Teacher in Lebanon

When she moved from the US to her family’s home country of Lebanon, Hawra chose to draw on her passion for teaching English to give back to the community.

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Teach Abroad Timeline: Planning in the Age of Coronavirus

Wanting to teach abroad but plans are stalled due to coronavirus? Find out what you can do in the meantime to prepare for the transition and strengthen your resume for employers.

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TEFL/TESOL Online Job Interview

How Do I Prepare for a TEFL/TESOL Interview? 

Teaching interviews for online or classroom-based teaching jobs can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re new to the field of TEFL/TESOL. But it helps if you know what to expect! We’ll share tips to help you interview for your dream job with confidence.

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Niels, from Peru, Creating a Better Workplace Through Technical English

Niels has made a difference in the lives of colleagues at his company by combining his two areas of expertise: petroleum engineering and the English language. He details how having this specialized knowledge has helped his career and benefited him as an ESL teacher.  

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