What is a Skype TEFL Job Interview Really Like?

You’ve applied for TEFL jobs abroad, and now you have a job interview! Great, but how does it work? Brendan O’Shea is here to walk you through a TEFL job interview and provide helpful insight on how to be successful in them!

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TEFL Teacher Abroad in Thailand

Teach Abroad Timeline FAQs

Making the leap to teach English abroad can take some serious planning. You’ve got to pick your teaching location, research the requirements to get hired there, choose and complete your TEFL course, and land your first TEFL job. So, what should your teach abroad timeline look like? 

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Language Students

How Learning a Second Language Can Help You Teach English

Jake Young, founder of the ESL website for English teachers, Fluentize, spent 10 years teaching in the Czech Republic. Based on his own experience learning Czech, Jake shares the many ways learning any new language can make you a better English teacher. 

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The 10 Best Places to Teach English Abroad in 2020

Is teaching English abroad on your bucket list for the New Year? Whether you want to experience a new culture, earn a high salary while enjoying a low cost of living, or advance your career by conquering new challenges, we’ve rounded up the 10 best places to teach English abroad in 2020.

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Gedisa, Bridge Grad Teaching English in South Korea

Bridge Grad, Gedisa, Teaching English in South Korea for 5 Years!

Gedisa was a high school teacher before making the decision to go abroad and teach English in Seoul, South Korea, where she’s been living for five years. She shares how she chose this location, what the hiring process involved, and what she loves most about the place she now calls home.

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Brendan OShea, EFL teacher in China

Why I Left My Middle School Teaching Job for TEFL

Bridge alum, Brendan O’Shea, recalls why he left his teaching job in the United States in favor of a TEFL opportunity that would take him across the globe.

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Bridge Grad, Paulo, Living His Dream of Teaching English in Brazil

Peruvian-American English teacher, Paulo, is currently fulfilling his dream of living in Brazil after making a career switch from the hospitality industry. Now he’s teaching in Rio de Janeiro for a local non-profit that focuses on Brazil’s favelas.

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Natassia, EFL teacher in Portugal

Natassia, Finding Fulfillment as an English Teacher in Portugal

Natassia, from New York, had always dreamed of living in Europe. After a visit to Portugal, she was charmed by the country’s culture, food, and weather, and knew it was time to take the leap from her English teaching job in Miami to become a teacher in Lisbon.

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Teach English in China FAQs – An Experienced Teacher Shares the Inside Scoop

Coleen is an EFL teacher who’s been on the road abroad for ten years! She’s lived in South Korea, Chile, Vietnam, and China, where she currently teaches. She shares her firsthand knowledge to answer to commonly asked questions for anyone planning to teach English in China.

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Jennifer, English Teacher in Italy

Bridge Grad, Jennifer, Teaching Business English in Rome, Italy

Bridge Grad Jennifer’s combined interests in education and the corporate world eventually led her to Rome, Italy, where she has been teaching Business English for over two years now.

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