Teaching English Abroad

Whether you’re new to teaching or looking to make a change, we have resources to help you start your journey teaching English abroad off on the right foot. Learn how to be a better teacher for your international students, land the teach abroad job of your dreams, and make the transition to life abroad. We’re here to help every step of the way, from TEFL/TESOL certification that will qualify you for jobs around the world to vetting TEFL employers, so you can find a legitimate job in a foreign country. Embrace the adventure. We’ll help with the rest!

teaching PTE test prep

The Ultimate Guide to Teaching PTE Test Prep

The Pearson Test of English, or PTE, is a revolutionary English proficiency test legally recognized by more than 70 nations worldwide. If you’re an English teacher looking to specialize in test prep or are looking for a way to bulk up your resume, this guide to teaching PTE test prep will get you started. This […]

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JET Program

JET Program: Everything You Need to Know to Teach English in Japan

Have you heard of the JET Program in Japan? This popular Japanese teacher exchange program requires assistant teaching applicants to have a bachelor’s degree and citizenship from a participating country, as well as a strong interest in Japanese culture. The salary for teachers starts at an appealing ¥3,360,000 per year (which is about $26,000 USD) […]

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best places for digital nomads to live

10 Best Places for Digital Nomads to Live, Teach English Online & Travel

Do you picture yourself teaching English online as a digital nomad, but you’re not sure which countries to consider? The world offers plenty of places for you to explore and work as an online ESL teacher! Let’s look at the best places for digital nomads to live and teach English online so you can plan […]

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teach english in spain

How to Teach English in Spain, Either in Person or Online!

Are you planning to jet-set to Spain to teach English? Chances are, you’ll find not only TEFL prospects but also a host of cultural adventures! From learning about medieval European history to indulging in tapas to brushing up on your Spanish skills, this popular TEFL destination has attracted lots of teachers for the unique experiences […]

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teach English in Chile

Krzl, From the Philippines, on Teaching English in Chile

Known as a long country with diverse landscapes, excellent wine, and unique traditions, Chile might just draw you in if you’re an English teacher looking for nature-filled trips and adventures in South America. A Bridge grad from the Philippines, Krzl Nunes, who is currently teaching EFL in Chile, shares what teaching and living in Chile […]

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TEFL salary

What Is a Typical TEFL Salary When Teaching Online or Abroad?

A lot of factors go into TEFL salary, like where you teach, your qualifications and experience, and what a particular employer offers. We’ll break these factors and others down to give you a realistic idea of how much money you can expect to make as an online or classroom-based English teacher.

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how to build rapport with ESL students

How to Build Rapport With ESL Students: 8 Strategies for Fostering Good Relationships

Before you put those PowerPoint slides onscreen or break out the worksheets in your next English class, have you checked how your students feel about taking the day’s lesson? There are numerous ways to connect with students, be it high-fives or special greetings. Even so, finding ways to make students feel comfortable and engaged in […]

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teach English in Japan

Teach English in Japan: A Guide to Requirements, Programs, and More

If you’re an English teacher looking to work in Japan, there’s a lot in store for you besides the country’s cutting-edge technology, kawaii culture, and unique cuisine. With plenty of TEFL opportunities in this East Asian island country, teaching in Japan gives you a chance to build up not only your career but also your […]

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teach English in Brazil

Halan, Aviation English Specialist, on Teaching in Brazil

With its stunning landscapes (including gorgeous beaches) and laid-back culture, it wouldn’t be a surprise to hear that Brazil is on your bucket list of countries in which to teach English. Let one of our Bridge grads, Halan Bastos, an online EFL teacher from the Southeastern part of Brazil, give you a rundown of the […]

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TEFL Interview Questions

Advice From an Expert: TEFL Interview Questions & How to Answer Them

What’s the key to acing your TEFL interview? Preparation. Learn what schools and online tutoring companies are looking for when hiring new teachers, questions that are typically asked during a job interview (and how to answer them), and specific tips for preparing for your own job interview.

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