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Ready to land the English teaching job of your dreams? Get tips on how stand out in a competitive market, design a professional TEFL/TESOL resume and cover letter, ace your Skype TEFL job interview, and more. Plus, learn how to take advantage of Bridge’s wide range of job resources and services, including our network of Preferred Employment Partners, BridgeTEFL Job Board, and digital badges.

How to Write a TEFL Cover Letter (With Sample)

A TEFL cover letter conveys your enthusiasm for a position and demonstrates your qualifications for the job, but it can also fill in gaps on your resume and let your personality shine through!

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Woman teaching English Online

Teaching English Online Salaries – How Much Can I Make?

As people around the globe seek work-from-home opportunities during the coronavirus crisis, teaching English online offers a flexible and accessible income source. How much can you expect to make as an online English teacher?

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What does EFL stand for

What Does EFL Stand For? What’s the Difference Between EFL and ESL?

English language teaching (ELT) as a profession seems to love acronyms. There’s EFL, TEFL, TESOL, and ESL, just to name a few! This article will dive into EFL specifically and, hopefully, leave you with a better idea of what it entails. What does EFL stand for? It stands for English as a Foreign Language. Oftentimes […]

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volunteer to teach English

Why You Should Volunteer to Teach English and How to Find Opportunities

You’ve probably seen the bumper sticker that says, “If you can read this, thank a teacher.” When you want to give back to society, teaching is one of the best ways to do so. This is certainly true when it comes to teaching English since you’re often providing skills that help people succeed academically or […]

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Abhi, Indian Teacher in Hong Kong

Where Can I Teach English as a Non-Native Speaker?

Is teaching English abroad only open to native English-speaking teachers? Certainly not! But teachers who speak a first language other than English may wonder which regions or specific countries are most welcoming to bilingual teachers. We’ll provide the breakdown!

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How to Teach English Online as a Digital Nomad

The coronavirus crisis has redefined the TEFL landscape as we know it. What does that mean for the future of teaching English abroad? Consider another way to work and travel the world – as a digital nomad.

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TEFL/TESOL Online Job Interview

What Are Some Common Online English Teaching Job Interview Questions?

Answering online teaching interview questions is often nerve-racking – but it doesn’t have to be! Learn the most common types of interview questions and how to answer them.

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How to Teach Online – Should I Work With a Company or for Myself?

One of the best things about teaching online is that it’s so flexible; it can be a full-time job or a side gig, you can be a new or experienced teacher, and you can even choose if you want to work with a company or go it on your own as a freelancer.

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Can I Teach English Online With No Degree? 

Yes, it’s absolutely possible! We’ll share some online English tutoring companies that hire teachers without bachelor’s degrees, give you tips for standing out when applying to jobs, and even offer alternative avenues for teaching online.

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Online companies outside of China

10 Non-Chinese Online ESL Companies

The recent changes to China’s laws may have affected your ability to teach English online, but these non-Chinese online ESL companies are a great alternative!

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