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Ready to land the English teaching job of your dreams? Get tips on how stand out in a competitive market, design a professional TEFL/TESOL resume and cover letter, ace your Skype TEFL job interview, and more. Plus, learn how to take advantage of Bridge’s wide range of job resources and services, including our network of Preferred Employment Partners, BridgeTEFL Job Board, and digital badges.

How to Teach English Online With Skype

There are many different platforms freelancers use to teach English online, but Skype remains one of the most popular choices. Learn how you can use the features on this familiar video conferencing platform to effectively teach your online classes.

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How to Make the Most Money as an Online English Teacher

Whether you’re looking to supplement your income or create a full-time job opportunity, you can make great money as teaching ESL online. Online teaching companies usually offer a range of hourly pay for the teachers, and you may wonder how you can land on the high end of that. Or, if you decide to launch […]

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7 Ways You Can Use Social Media to Get More Online English Students

Being your own boss as an online English teacher gives you total professional freedom! But it also requires hard work, including marketing yourself and finding students. Here’s how you connect with new students using social media.

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Look inside a bridge digital badge

What Achievements Can My Digital Badges Showcase to Employers?

Bridge digital badges provide employers with an easy way to get the full picture of your TEFL/TESOL achievements with just a click. But what specific accomplishments can your badges showcase?

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TEFL/TESOL Online Job Interview

How Do I Prepare for a TEFL/TESOL Interview? 

Teaching interviews for online or classroom-based teaching jobs can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re new to the field of TEFL/TESOL. But it helps if you know what to expect! We’ll share tips to help you interview for your dream job with confidence.

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Types of TEFL Jobs

What Types of Jobs Can You Get with a TEFL/TESOL Certificate?

TEFL/TESOL certification opens up opportunities well beyond traditional teaching positions. What are your options after completing your certification? We’ve got you covered with an overview of the types of TEFL jobs to choose from.

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Brenda, English teacher in Chile

Brenda, From the US, Weathering the Global Crisis as a Teacher in Chile

Like many English teachers abroad, Bridge graduate, Brenda Arellano, was caught by surprise when the pandemic pushed the government to impose stay-at-home protocols, pausing her role with the organization in Chile where she taught. Luckily, she found online English teaching jobs through the Bridge Job Board, which have allowed her to remain in the country […]

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IDELTOnline Course With University Affiliation

7 Ways the IDELTOnline™ Sets You Apart When Applying to TEFL/TESOL Jobs

Looking for a way to differentiate yourself as a teacher, even in the most competitive job markets? The Bridge IDELTOnline™, our most advanced TEFL/TESOL training, can give you that edge. Here are 7 ways this certification can set you apart as a teaching candidate.

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College Graduate

Is Getting a Master’s in TESOL Worth It?

Earning a master’s degree is a major commitment of time, money, and energy. You may be considering a career in teaching English as a foreign language, but is a master’s in TESOL worth it for you? We’ll examine the factors to consider and several paths that can get you there.

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TEFL teacher doing an online interview

8 TEFL Interview Questions & How to Answer Them

The key to acing your TEFL interview? Preparation. Learn what schools and online tutoring companies are looking for when hiring new teachers, questions that are typically asked during a job terview (and how to answer them), and specific tips for preparing for your own job interview.

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