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Now is the time to join the fastest-growing subfield of TEFL, teaching English online. Search jobs with online tutoring companies worldwide or work as a freelancer, and you can start teaching on your schedule, from the comfort of home!

Recommended Online TEFL Jobs

Qualify for the best online teaching jobs with Specialized TEFL Certification in Teaching English Online.

Bridge’s ultimate Teaching English Online package consists of the 60-Hour Foundations in Teaching English Online course, the 60-Hour Advanced Methods course, plus the 60-Hour, hands-on Practicum in Teaching English Online.

  • First, learn the theory and methods of teaching English in a virtual classroom in the Foundations course.
  • Then, master lesson planning and other practical skills for teaching online in the Advanced Methods course.
  • Finally, put your online teaching skills in action in the Practicum! You can even record your teaching sessions to showcase your expertise to employers.
  • Taken together, the three-course series grants trainees a 180-hour TEFL/TESOL certification, exceeding hiring requirements for most jobs.

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FAQs About Online English Teaching Jobs

What are the requirements to teach English online? Do I need a degree?

When you apply for a job at an online tutoring company, the requirements are often more flexible than what is required in a traditional classroom, and that can be a major advantage to teaching English online. These are the general requirements, but like any job, remember that each company will decide its own.

  • TEFL certification is almost always required; specialized certification in teaching online is preferred.
  • Depending on the company, you may or may not need a bachelor’s degree.
  • Experience working with children is valued, since many online tutoring companies cater to young learners.
  • You’ll need a reliable Internet connection, desktop or laptop computer, and other hardware for the job.
  • A high level of English proficiency is required (C1 or C2, according to the CEFR/native speaker).
How much do online English teachers get paid?

The salary range for online teachers at a company is from about $14-22 USD/hour. Of course, your particular salary will depend on the company you work for and your level of certification and experience. If you have a bachelor’s degree, TEFL certification (ideally specialized) and experience working with children, expect to fall on the higher end of the spectrum.

If you freelance or go independent, you can set your own hourly rate according to your qualifications.

What’s it like to teach English online?

You can learn firsthand what to expect in the BridgeTEFL Teaching English Online Practicum. You’ll practice teach actual students on a real online platform (called Off2Teach). You can even record your teaching sessions to review and/or share with employers when applying to jobs!

Another way to get an inside look at teaching online is to read these interviews with Bridge graduates who are teaching in the virtual classroom, both for companies and independently.

Do I have to be a native English speaker to teach English online?

Not necessarily. If you opt to work for yourself, you can market your skills as you like.

If you opt to apply to online English teaching companies, you’ll find that each one has its own hiring requirements. If your English level is high, and you meet other requirements for the job, you will find opportunities regardless of your native language. Teachers who freelance or work independently would have no restrictions.

Read an interview with non-native English speaking online teacher!

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How can I become an online teacher?


If you are not yet TEFL certified, that’s the first step toward teaching English online! A certificate of at least 100 hours is preferred by most online teaching companies and will also prepare you to freelance.


If you are already certified, have teaching experience, or just want to set yourself apart from other applicants, earn Specialized TEFL Certification in Teaching English Online.


Gain experience teaching online with real learners and record teaching sessions to share with employers by taking the (optional) Practicum in Teaching English Online


Prepare your TEFL resume, to showcase these certifications and apply to open positions on the Job Board or recruit you own students as a freelancer! (Get tips on preparing for your Skype interview here.)

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