Harness the educational power of real-world videos in the EFL classroom.

Learn how videos can challenge your students, spark conversation, and provide a rich source of content for your lessons.

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Look Inside the Course Curriculum

Engaged students contribute and learn more in class, and real-world videos are a great way to spark that engagement. Learn strategies for integrating video into your lessons to expose students to authentic speech, present vocabulary within a visual context, and bring the outside world into the classroom. Use videos as a rich resource for creating grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary lessons, based on students’ interests.  

Teaching English Using Video (20 Hours)

Module 1 The Power of Video
Module 2 Video and Classroom Activities
Module 3 Unleashing Your Students’ Creativity: Making Videos in the Classroom

1 Quiz

3 Discussion Boards

1 Graded Assignment

1 Instructional Video

18 Handouts

Learning Objectives

When you complete your course, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe the general advantages and disadvantages of using videos in class

  • Identify the characteristics and benefits of promoting visual literacy

  • Explain what a teacher should and should not do when using videos in class

  • Explain how to design creative activities using videos in class and identify the advantages of making videos in class

  • Describe the necessary steps for creating videos and explain how to create different activities for making videos in class

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These are short, targeted, professional development courses designed for EFL teachers who want to learn new skills and expand their knowledge of current teaching methods or topics.

Yes! You can get started in any Bridge Micro-credential course (as many as you like) and access most of the course content 100% free of charge.

You’ll also have the option of upgrading from the free version of your Micro-credential course, for added benefits:

  • • Extended course access –- 3 months from the day you upgrade.
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  • • An accredited and internationally-recognized TEFL/TESOL certificate and verifiable digital badge upon successful course completion
  • • In the Games and Activities for the Online Classroom Micro-credentials: A downloadable eBook with 16 fun games for the online classroom

Both are TEFL/TESOL courses, but Bridge Micro-credentials are short, professional development courses (around 20 hours) that are highly targeted on specific, practical topics, such as Using Podcasts in the EFL Classroom. These specialized courses are usually taken by experienced, qualified teachers looking to add to their existing knowledge and skill set.

A general TEFL/TESOL certification course, on the other hand, tends to be around 100+ hours and provides a thorough foundation in the theories and methods of teaching English. These courses are more often taken as initial training and certification, especially by those who are new to teaching English or not yet certified.

You can enroll in any Bridge Micro-credential course for free and begin right away. You’ll have full access to all the course content for 1 month. Take as many as you like!

If you’d like to verify your learning and receive an accredited TEFL/TESOL certificate and a sharable digital badge for your Micro-credential course, you can upgrade from the free version at any time during your 1 month’s access. Once you upgrade, you’ll be given 3 months’ access to the course (from the day you upgrade) and assigned a personal tutor for guidance and support. You will complete a tutor-assessed assignment and take a final quiz in order to earn your final credentials.

There are no pre-requisites to take a Bridge Micro-credential course; however, as professional development courses, Micro-credentials are best suited to TEFL/TESOL-certified and/or experienced teachers.

In order to upgrade and earn a certificate and digital badge for your Micro-credential course, there are additional requirements. You must be 18 years old, have at least a high school diploma, and if English is not your first language, we recommend an intermediate or higher level of English proficiency (B1 level, according to the Common European Framework Reference for Language ).

You’ll have up to 1 month from the day you enroll to complete each Micro-credential course you sign up for. Like other Bridge online TEFL/TESOL courses, Micro-credentials are self-paced, meaning you may finish quickly (in under a week, for example) or take up to the full month.

If you upgrade your Micro-credential course, your access will be extended for 3 months from the day you purchase your upgrade.

Bridge Micro-credentials offer the option to upgrade in order to earn verifiable credentials as well as other benefits:

  • • Extended course access –- 3 months from the day you upgrade
  • • Personal tutor support during the course, so you can ask questions and get feedback
  • • An assessed assignment and quiz to test your comprehension of the course material
  • • An accredited and internationally-recognized TEFL/TESOL certificate and verifiable digital badge upon successful course completion!

If you have any technical problems throughout the course, you can contact our support desk for assistance (support@bridge.edu) and you’ll receive a response within 24 hours during business days.

If you upgrade your course, you’ll also be assigned a personal TEFL/TESOL tutor who will offer guidance, answer questions and about course content, and provide assessed feedback during your Micro-credential training.

It’s easy! There are two ways to upgrade – either during your initial enrollment or once you’re registered for the free version.

To upgrade during your initial enrollment, simply choose the upgraded version (rather than the free version) of any Micro-credential course and you’ll automatically receive 3 months’ access to the course (from the day you enroll) and an assigned personal tutor for guidance, assessment, and feedback. Upon successful course completion, you’ll be issued an accredited TEFL/TESOL certificate and a digital badge.

To upgrade later, you can first enroll in the free version of any Micro-credential course, and during your 1 month’s access, follow the prompts to upgrade within the learning platform, (which will take you to the upgrade page).

Either way you upgrade, the steps are the following:

  • 1. Select the Micro-credential course you would like to take as an upgrade.
  • 2. Follow the prompts to purchase this upgrade (if you’re already enrolled in the free version, make sure to enter the same email address you initially enrolled with).
  • 3. Once you upgrade, you’ll receive a confirmation email assigning your personal tutor and providing further details about your upgraded course, including instructions on how to access the final assignment and quiz.  
  • 4. You will now have 3 months to access the course material and complete these components. 
  • 5. After you’ve successfully completed your final assignment and quiz, you can download your certificate and claim your digital badge to showcase your learning.  

If you upgrade your Micro-credential course, you’ll not only have access to a personal tutor but you’ll also receive an accredited, internationally-recognized TEFL/TESOL certificate and a verifiable, shareable digital badge upon completion of your course.

Your certificate can be immediately downloaded and saved or printed (you may also order a hard copy of your certificate for an additional fee) and you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to claim your digital badge.

Backed by blockchain technology, digital badges (sometimes called open badges) provide employers with an in-depth look “under the hood” of the TEFL/TESOL program you completed. When your unique digital badge URL is clicked, details such as the learning objectives you mastered, specific skills you acquired, and the course accreditation are provided.

Digital badges also can be easily shared across the web in places like LinkedIn and Facebook as well as on your resume to showcase your skills and qualifications to future employers. Learn more about digital badges.

Yes, we’re continually developing new Micro-credential courses to reflect the professional development needs of global English language teachers. You can sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page to receive updates on newly launched Micro-credential courses and other TEFL/TESOL news.

There is no limit to the number of Micro-credential courses you can take and certificates/digital badges you can earn! We encourage teachers to stack these professional development courses to add to your skill set and enhance your TEFL/TESOL resume.

Yes! As with all Bridge online courses, Micro-credentials will be reflected on your Bridge TEFL/TESOL certificate. Your certificate will automatically update each time you add a new credential, and you can access it (or provide an employer with access to it) via our secure certificate verification portal.

You can complete your Micro-credential course on any device, including a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. All you’ll need is an Internet connection! However, if you upgrade your Micro-credential course, please note that you’ll complete a tutor-assessed written assignment in order to earn your credentials. For this reason, it’s recommended that you have access to a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer to complete this portion of the course.

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