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Creating Custom Courses: Leveraging Your Teaching Experience Into Instructional and Curricular Design

You’ve honed your English language teaching skills and know your participles, phrasal verbs and clause structures, so what’s next? Why not leverage your experience into creating custom courses! This is an excellent way to meet the needs of niche English language learning audiences. Plus, once you become proficient, there are opportunities to offer your course […]

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How to Stand Out in Online Teacher Marketplaces!

Online Teacher Marketplaces are quickly becoming a trendy method for online teachers to connect with students. As they become increasingly popular, how do you stand out to attract more students and increase your rate? Join Bridge to understand the mechanisms behind how marketplaces suggest teachers for prospective students. We will cover strategies that the most […]

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Transitioning to TESOL? How to Leverage Your Previous Work Experience to Thrive in ELT

Considering a career transition to TEFL/TESOL (or just a great part-time job or retirement activity)? No matter your previous work experience, age, education or background, you can find a path towards a fruitful career teaching English! Join Bridge and experts from the ELT sector to learn how you can reimagine yourself as an English language […]

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What Is CLIL? Features and Benefits of This Innovative Method in Bilingual Education

CLIL stands for Content and Language Integrated Learning and, as the name suggests, this approach to bilingual education, in which academic subjects are taught in the target language, relies on collaboration between teachers, administrators, students, and parents. Join Bridge, along with CLIL experts and practitioners, to discuss CLIL’s place in bilingual education, the key principles […]

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