Online English student on a laptop

How to Keep Online Students Motivated When Teaching ESL

One of the most difficult things to achieve while teaching English online is reaching the same levels of engagement you reach while teaching live in the classroom. Use this 10-strategy-checklist in your virtual classroom to maximize online student motivation.

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Laura Lewin, Giving her TedxTalk on Student Motivation

Meet Laura Lewin: Teacher-Training Expert, Author, and Speaker

She’s the founder of educational training company, ABS International, as well as a Ted Talk speaker, and the author of nine books for teachers, admin, parents, and students. In this interview, Laura Lewin weighs in on student motivation, making connections in the classroom, and the impact of coronavirus on education.

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Cristina, Business English Teacher in Buenos Aires

Bridge Grad, Cristina, Experienced Business English Teacher in Buenos Aires

Cristina specializes in teaching adult professionals in her home country, Argentina. We recently spoke with about the power of learning English, the impact she’s had on her students, and how her pre-coronavirus decision to get certified to teach English online has paid off.

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Bryn Bonino, Teacherpreneur

3 Insider Tips for Success as an Online Teacherpreneur

Do you want to run a successful online ESL teaching business? Branding strategist and experienced English teacher, Bryn Bonino, shares a few of the best tips she’s learned as an online English teacherpreneur and suggestions to put them into action.

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Online English teacher

Maintaining Work-Life Balance While Teaching Online From Home

As many teachers find themselves suddenly teaching English in their living rooms, the struggle to separate work and home life can be a challenge. A teacher in China shares her advice on how to keep the balance – and your sanity – if you’re shifting from the classroom to teaching online from home.

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VIP Kid Tutor Teaching Online

Realia in the Virtual Classroom: Using Props to Teach English Online

Props are a great way to enhance the learning experience for teachers and their students alike. As global teachers are increasingly switching to teaching English online, we are here to provide some tips for online teachers to be more effective and successful in the virtual classroom.

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Teacher Shawn with students and friends

Bridge Grad, Shawn in China: From Teaching Abroad to TEFL Entrepreneur

Bridge grad, Shawn, earned his TEFL certification then taught abroad in China and eventually developed his own company there. He now produces workbooks and presentations for teachers and their ESL students. We spoke to him about his journey to becoming an entrepreneur and his thoughts on how the current global crisis is forcing the TEFL industry in China to “change and adapt.” 

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Troubleshooting When Teaching Online English Classes

Like many English teachers around the globe during the coronavirus crisis, Coleen, in China, had to make make a quick transition to the virtual classroom. She shares some of the common problems she’s experienced during this shift and her advice on how to troubleshoot them.

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Johanna, Teaching English in Japan

Bridge Grad Johanna, From Germany, Currently Teaching in Japan

Originally from Germany, Johanna, who started teaching abroad in 2010, is currently in Japan. She shares her path to TEFL, her perspective on teaching as a non-native English speaker, and the situation she’s experiencing as a teacher in Asia during the coronavirus crisis.

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How to Teach English to Kids Online

The field of teaching English to kids online is growing in popularity among people from all walks of life who want a flexible, portable work environment. We’ll help you navigate this TEFL career path with information on requirements, typical online students, the expected salary range for teachers, and more.

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