Pedagogy (TESOL/TEFL Strategies & Methodology)

Learn about the latest pedagogy for TEFL/TESOL from the experts. Stay up-to-date with the latest teaching trends and learn how to be the most effective English teacher you can be. We’ll show you how to manage large ESL classrooms, effectively use ESL games and activities to engage your students, teach English with limited resources, and other hot topics. ELT pedagogy is constantly evolving so ensure you have the latest information so you succeed in your teaching goals.

Tips for Using Games When Teaching Adults English Online

You might be surprised to learn that ESL games and activities are an effective teaching tool with adult language learners as well as kids. An experienced online teacher shares how games bring more energy, fun, and student engagement to her online lessons with adults.

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Students doing icebreakers in a TEFL class

13 Easy ESL Icebreakers to Get Your Students Talking

Whether starting the first day with a bang or re-energizing students throughout the term, ESL icebreakers get students moving, build confidence, and set the tone for the class. We share how to effectively use these ESL icebreakers in your class.

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How to Teach ESL Pronunciation and Phonics

No matter what level your students are, no matter how advanced or fluent they are, if their pronunciation of certain key sounds is incorrect, they may not be understood. This is why we need to equip our students with the right ESL pronunciation tools to speak and listen, from the beginning.

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How Should You Handle Taboos When Teaching English?

Whether you’re teaching online or in the classroom, there will be times when inappropriate topics or behavior come up. Should you ignore these taboos, discuss them, or educate your students about them? Let’s take a closer look at this delicate topic so you can handle the situation with professionalism.

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Tips for Using Video to Teach English

Getting the most out of videos in the classroom involves a lot more than just hitting “play.” An experienced teacher shares tips for teaching English using video that will enhance your lessons and maximize student learning.

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teaching online on a tablet

No Puppets Required! Teach English Online to Adults With These Companies

Are you eager to get into the growing field of teaching English online but just can’t picture yourself tutoring young kids? Don’t worry – you’ve still got options! Check out these companies where you can teach English to adults online.

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The Dos & Don’ts of Error Correction When Teaching English

While when and how to correct errors when teaching English mainly depends on whether your lesson objective is fluency or accuracy, there are some key factors to consider when it comes to effectively – and sensitively – addressing your students’ mistakes.

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Get Your Students Talking! TEFL Discussion Questions & Activities for Adults

Have you ever struggled with adult learners who held back in class due to shyness or lack of confidence? These TEFL discussion questions and speaking activities for adults will break the ice, build rapport, and get your classes talking.

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10 Fun Ways to Use Realia in Your ESL Classroom

If you’re a teacher, chances are that you’ve used “realia” at some point in your classroom (especially if you teach young learners) and you may not have even realized it! We’ll show you 10 creative ways to use these real-world objects in the physical and virtual classroom to grab your students’ attention and make lessons more memorable.

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English as a Global Language – The Case for Teaching Different Accents and Dialects

English is a global language used not just by native speakers, but as a lingua franca between speakers of other languages worldwide. Here’s how you can teach a variety of English accents and dialects in the ESL classroom to prepare your students for effective communication.

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