Classroom Games/Activities

Incorporate interactive ESL/EFL games and activates into your lesson plans to keep your classes engaged and learning. Hear from Bridge staff and alumni teaching worldwide about their most reliable methods for injecting fun and excitement into the classroom. These TESOL games and activities range from icebreakers that give EFL students conversation practice, to knowledge-based games that test students’ understanding of concepts.

ESL Teacher Using Songs

ESL Songs for Kids & Teens + How to Use Them in the Classroom

Young learners and teens (and even adults!) enjoy learning English through music. A teacher in China shares his favorite ESL songs and activities to engage his students and even “trick” them into practicing new language points!

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ESL Games

Fun ESL Games and Activities for Kids & Teens

Learning English as a second language probably won’t make young learners’ and teens’ list of top three favorite activities, but incorporating games into your lessons is a great way to help young students review what they’ve learned in an interactive, fun, and memorable way.

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ESL filler activities

7 ESL Filler Activities for Teaching Online

You’ve finally finished teaching your lesson, your students have completed all of their tasks, and then you realize you still have some spare minutes before class ends. Uh-oh! Since you don’t want to fritter this unexpected time away, you can easily turn it into a fun and educational moment by having a few ESL filler […]

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ESL icebreakers

13 Easy ESL Icebreakers to Get Your Students Talking

Whether starting the first day with a bang or re-energizing students throughout the term, ESL icebreakers get students moving, build confidence, and set the tone for the class. We share how to effectively use these ESL icebreakers in your class.

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ESL Vocabulary Games for Teaching In-Person and Online

When it comes to teaching ESL vocabulary, no one wants to hand out huge word lists and ask students to silently memorize them. Instead, teachers know the value of using engaging and fun activities to help students recall new English words. Let’s look at five ESL vocabulary games you can use in the virtual or […]

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challenges ESL students face

10 ESL Warm-Up Activities for Every Age

These ESL warm-up activities for young learners, teens, and adults will get your students into a learning mindset and prepare them for their upcoming lesson. Use them when teaching English online or in person!

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use ManyCam to teach online

How to Use ManyCam for Teaching English Online

You can use ManyCam for teaching online to get a cool virtual backdrop, digital props, games, special effects, and more. Find out which platforms are compatible with this popular webcam software, and get ideas for using ManyCam with your students.

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12 Low-Prep ESL Games for Teaching Online

Just because you’re teaching kids or teenagers in the virtual classroom doesn’t mean you can’t play fun and engaging games. We’ve got 12 ESL games for teaching online that you can use with your students.

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Using pop culture in ESL

8 Ways to Use Pop Culture in the ESL Classroom

Catchy music, trendy art, the latest technology – there’s a lot to love about pop culture! Find out how you can use pop culture in the ESL classroom to inspire your students and improve their English skills.

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ESL Speaking Activities

Give Your Students the Gift of Gab: 11 Fun TEFL Speaking Activities

Are your students scared, unmotivated, or bored when it comes to speaking in class? Use these 11 fun, engaging TEFL speaking activities to get students talking and practicing their English in the online or physical classroom!

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