ELT/ESL Professional Development

Take your teaching career to the next level with professional development. Whether it’s taking a specialized TEFL/TESOL course to enhance your resume or learning a new skill you can use to improve your teaching, we’re always offering new professional development opportunities to our global teachers.

How Many Hours of TEFL/TESOL Certification Do I Need? Is 120 Enough?

Find out what you really need to qualify for jobs teaching English online or abroad and get tips for choosing the right TEFL/TESOL course for your plans.

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Professional Development for ESL Teachers – 8 Ways to Boost Your Resume

Professional development for ESL teachers is sometimes overlooked, but it’s important if you want to grow as a teacher and become more marketable for jobs. Here are 8 ways to up your professional development game.

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The 10 Most-Read BridgeUniverse Articles of 2020

2020 was a year like no other, and as we happily usher in 2021, let’s take a moment to reflect on the topics that resonated most with our readers throughout this past year.

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10 Rules of Etiquette for Teaching English Online

Regardless of the setting in which you teach English online, this flexible job still requires you to appear professional by following certain rules of etiquette for teaching online. Wondering what the rules are? We break down the top 10.

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High School TEFL Teacher in China

I’m Already a Teacher – Do I Need TEFL/TESOL Certification?

You’re a certified and experienced teacher in your home country and you want to teach English abroad or online. Is TEFL/TESOL certification really required, in addition to your existing credentials? Hear from teachers who were in your shoes and learn about the benefits of TEFL training, even for seasoned pros.

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10 Powerful 2021 Goals for English Teachers to Ring In the New Year

Start the year off with a bang by incorporating some of these 10 meaningful 2021 goals for English teachers. Setting annual goals will help you improve as a teacher and prioritize your physical and mental health.

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How to Manage Cash Flow as a Freelance English Teacher (and Other Financial Issues)

If you want to succeed in teaching English as a freelancer, you’ll need to run your business effectively and monitor your finances carefully. Here’s how you can manage cash flow as a freelance English teacher.

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What’s a Marketplace for Teaching English Online and Should I Use One?

If you’re thinking of teaching English online, you may have considered working for a company or even starting your own tutoring business – but there’s a sweet spot in the middle of those two options, which is the marketplace for online teachers and students.

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How to Write a TEFL Cover Letter (With Sample)

A TEFL cover letter conveys your enthusiasm for a position and demonstrates your qualifications for the job, but it can also fill in gaps on your resume and let your personality shine through!

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I’ve Just Completed My TEFL/TESOL Certification, Now What?

You’ve finished your TEFL/TESOL certification course – congratulations! Now you’re trained and qualified to teach English to speakers of other languages in locations around the world/or and online. But where should you go from here? We’ll point you in the right direction to make the most of your new credentials.

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