ELT/ESL Professional Development

Take your teaching career to the next level with professional development. Whether it’s taking a specialized TEFL/TESOL course to enhance your resume or learning a new skill you can use to improve your teaching, we’re always offering new professional development opportunities to our global teachers.

TEFL certification cost

How Much Does TEFL/TESOL Certification Cost? Is It Worth It?

To teach English as a foreign language, one of the qualifications employers ask for is certification. You know you need it, but how much does TEFL certification cost? Prices vary depending on some key factors. We’ll explain those and crunch the numbers.

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Bridge TEFL/TESOL certificates

About Bridge TEFL/TESOL Certificates

You take your professional development as a teacher seriously, and so do we, which means we only offer the highest quality TEFL/TESOL certifications! As an accredited educational institute, we offer courses ranging from basic 40-hour certification to our university-affiliated, 150-hour IDELTOnline™. Our comprehensive online courses are hosted on a dynamic learning platform with features such […]

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ESL community of practice

How to Build an Online ESL Community of Practice

Whether you’re swapping stories during a training course or discovering job opportunities at a conference, a huge part of your growth as a TEFL/TESOL professional happens when you’re with your peers. Although the pandemic has hampered these in-person interactions, it’s still possible to stay connected with your TEFL fellows by building your ESL community of […]

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TEFL teacher teaching abroad

Answers to Your Not-So-Frequently-Asked TEFL Questions

Know the basics when it comes to getting a TEFL/TESOL certificate and teaching English, but still have some questions? Get answers to not-so-frequently-asked TEFL questions, like whether TEFL courses provide materials and if you can teach with a state license.

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How to Write a TEFL Cover Letter (With Sample)

A TEFL cover letter conveys your enthusiasm for a position and demonstrates your qualifications for the job, but it can also fill in gaps on your resume and let your personality shine through!

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What does EFL stand for

What Does EFL Stand For? What’s the Difference Between EFL and ESL?

English language teaching (ELT) as a profession seems to love acronyms. There’s EFL, TEFL, TESOL, and ESL, just to name a few! This article will dive into EFL specifically and, hopefully, leave you with a better idea of what it entails. What does EFL stand for? It stands for English as a Foreign Language. Oftentimes […]

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Bridge Micro-credentials

Announcing New Bridge Micro-Credential Courses: Your Next Achievement Is Just a Click Away

The accredited TEFL/TESOL professional development you’re looking for is now accessible and affordable. Bridge is proud to announce the launch of our new suite of 100% tuition-free Micro-credential courses, so you can upskill and enhance your resume – on us!

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start an ESL podcast

How to Create an ESL Podcast: 4 Crucial Components of an Inspiring Show

This guest post is by Lindsay McMahon, founder and co-host of the All Ears English Podcast. Lindsay and her team host live events and create courses, apps, and other technology to help learners focus on “Connection NOT Perfection.” ESL students want to be inspired! In order to teach our students how to put English into […]

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How to Teach Online – Should I Work With a Company or for Myself?

One of the best things about teaching online is that it’s so flexible; it can be a full-time job or a side gig, you can be a new or experienced teacher, and you can even choose if you want to work with a company or go it on your own as a freelancer.

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College credit for Bridge TEFL courses

How and Why to Earn College Credit for Your TEFL/TESOL Course

Find out how you can get college credit for Bridge TEFL/TESOL courses, and explore your options for taking the Bridge IDELTOnline course as a pathway to a master’s program at Bridge partner universities.

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