ELT/ESL Professional Development

Take your teaching career to the next level with professional development. Whether it’s taking a specialized TEFL/TESOL course to enhance your resume or learning a new skill you can use to improve your teaching, we’re always offering new professional development opportunities to our global teachers.

Gabby, freelance ESL teacherpreneur

5 Simple Steps to Become a Freelance Teacherpreneur

If you’re wanting to become a freelance teacherpreneur, start by following these five easy steps to get you thinking about your brand, strengths, and business goals. These steps will help you determine your ESL business vision.

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online English teacher

Tackling Operational Challenges as a Freelance Teacher

From creating cancellation policies to setting your rates and choosing a teaching platform, you’ll need to handle many operational challenges as a freelance teacher. Find out what it takes to operate a successful tutoring business and overcome these challenges!

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6 Best EFL Blogs All Teachers Should Check Out

We interviewed the creators responsible for 6 of the best EFL blogs around today to find out more about why they started blogging, who should read their posts, and how their ideas can help ESL teachers in the classroom.

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Shella Chua, Filipino Teacher in China

The Value of Experience: Add a Teaching Practicum to Your Online TEFL Certification!

Find out the benefits of completing a TEFL practicum, like increased job opportunities and more confidence in the classroom. Plus, learn how classroom-based and online TEFL teaching practicums work.

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Are Online TEFL Courses Worth It?

You may wonder if you should invest in online TEFL training and if it will ultimately lead to the job you want. The simple answer for most people is a resounding yes, but before you decide, let’s take a deeper dive into getting TEFL certified online. 

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TEFL teacher teaching abroad

Answers to Your Not-So-Frequently-Asked TEFL Questions

Know the basics when it comes to getting a TEFL/TESOL certificate and teaching English but still have some questions? Get answers to not-so-frequently-asked TEFL questions, like whether TEFL courses provide materials and if you can teach with a state license.

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Are Freelance English Teachers Born or Made?

A freelance English teacher talks about what skills you need to become a freelancer and whether or not these skills are things you’re born with or things that you can learn and develop throughout your career.

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Teach Online and Worldwide With the Comprehensive Certification Bundle

Teaching English has been redefined, becoming a blend of classroom and virtual instruction. Likewise, the future of TEFL abroad has expanded to include teaching English in the classroom as well as teaching online while traveling as a digital nomad. How can teachers prepare for these diverse opportunities?

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How to Choose the Best TEFL Certification

Finding the Right Course: How to Choose the Best TEFL Certification

Sifting through the plethora of courses to choose the best TEFL certification doesn’t have to make your head spin! Use this simple guide to find the right TEFL course for you and avoid certification scams.

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Make Your Experience Count: Careers in EFL

Whether your TEFL certification has taken you to classrooms around the world or allowed you to teach from home, chances are, you’ve accumulated valuable skills and experience you can apply toward a variety of long-term careers in EFL.

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