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Online English teaching is the fastest-growing sector in English Language Teaching. Whether you’re new to teaching and want to find out more or are an established online tutor looking for professional development, we have resources for all types of virtual EFL teachers. Learn about the skills and technology needed for the virtual classroom, online teaching salaries, job opportunities, best practices, and much more. We’ll help you successfully navigate teaching English online from home!

Do I Need a TEFL/TESOL Certificate If I Have a Degree?

In today’s hypercompetitive TEFL universe, having more qualifications will open up the most doors when it comes to teaching English. But what exactly are those qualifications? If you hold a bachelor’s degree in a related subject (or even an unrelated one) do you still need to earn a TEFL/TESOL certification?

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Shakti, From Mauritius, Advancing His Online English Teaching Career

Bridge grad and multilingual English teacher, Shakti, from the island country of Mauritius, has been teaching English for 12 years. We asked him about his evolving career as a freelance online English teacher and how it’s helped him weather change during the global crisis.

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Teaching English to Adults vs. Kids – What to Know

What is your preferred age group when it comes to teaching English in the classroom or online? Learn about the key differences, the qualifications to teach adults vs. kids online or in person, the regions where particular age groups are more commonly taught, and more!

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5 Types of Challenging Online Students and How to Handle Them

So-called challenging students you encounter when teaching online may simply be young learners with short attention spans, teens trying to impress their peers, or adult students might who don’t yet feel confident in their English speaking abilities. Learn how to handle a variety of student types.

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More Q&A From the Bridge TEFL/TESOL Jobs Facebook Group

The Bridge TEFL/TESOL Jobs Facebook Group is a community of job seekers and ESL teachers who come together to share knowledge, discuss job-related topics, and ask questions. Read a sampling of members’ recent questions, with answers from Bridge.

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You’re Never Too Old to Teach English Abroad or Online!

While the typical profile of a TEFL/TESOL teacher is someone in their twenties, that doesn’t mean that teaching English is reserved for the young. Whether you’re a career changer or a retiree, you’re never too old to teach English abroad or online.

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Paul, From the UK – Dive Instructor Turned Online English Teacher

As a scuba diving instructor in the Philippines, Paul’s career was deeply impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, so he so decided to make the leap to teaching English. He tells us about this professional shift and his new job, teaching Russian students online.

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No Puppets Required! Teach English Online to Adults With These Companies

Are you eager to get into the growing field of teaching English online but just can’t picture yourself tutoring young kids? Don’t worry – you’ve still got options! Check out these companies where you can teach English to adults online.

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What Types of Support Do Online English Tutoring Companies Provide New Teachers?

Learn what online English teaching companies typically provide their teachers when it comes to support, including offering technical training, assigning teachers a mentor, and providing ongoing professional development opportunities.

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Jorge, From Chile, Engineering Student Turned English Teacher

A former engineering student, Jorge switched career paths to pursue his passion for teaching English and lifelong learning. He shares his experience with the many TEFL/TESOL certification courses he has taken and describes how he has adapted to become a freelancer teacher.

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