Teaching English Online

Online English teaching is the fastest-growing sector in English Language Teaching. Whether you’re new to teaching and want to find out more or are an established online tutor looking for professional development, we have resources for all types of virtual EFL teachers. Learn about the skills and technology needed for the virtual classroom, online teaching salaries, job opportunities, best practices, and much more. We’ll help you successfully navigate teaching English online from home!

Juicy Mae, From the Philippines, Teaching Online With Multiple Companies

The pandemic led Bridge grad Juicy Mae Ligad, from the Philippines, to shift from being a college instructor to an online English teacher. She shares how her TEFL career and teaching methods have developed and offers tips for engaging online English learners.

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How to Choose the Best Company for Teaching English Online

With plenty of virtual English companies promising the flexibility of working from your couch and making your own hours, it may be tricky to choose which employer you should apply with. Here are the most important things to consider when picking the best company for teaching English online.

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Kristie Hunter GoGoKid teacher

Online ESL Teacher Kristie on Working With GOGOKID

Meet Kristie, an online English tutor and teacher coach with GOGOKID! She shares what it’s like to work with this leading online ESL company and provides insight into teaching English online.

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demo lesson ESL

What’s a Demo Lesson for a Teaching Interview?

Most online teaching jobs require a practice-teaching demo as part of the interview process. Learn what this important step is all about and how you can prepare. We go over the needed materials, prep work, and what companies are looking for in online English teachers.

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Hassan, From Tanzania, Teaching English in Turkey During COVID-19

When the pandemic hit, Bridge grad Hassan had to shift his classes online. Find out how he has adapted, what tips he has for teaching English online in Turkey, and what professional development opportunities he’s been pursuing.

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5 Reasons ELT Marketplaces Are a Good Option for Global English Teachers

Teaching with a company isn’t the only option for those looking to become online English teachers! ELT marketplaces, which are platforms that help students connect with teachers, offer even more options and can be an especially good fit for global English teachers.

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Online English teacher with her laptop

Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes When Applying to Online Teaching Jobs

These days, the online teaching job market is booming – but it’s also more competitive than ever. If you’re looking to break into this field, don’t make these 5 mistakes when applying to online teaching jobs!

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teaching English one-on-one

The Pros and Cons of Teaching English One-on-One (Plus Lesson Ideas!)

Think teaching English one-on-one might be a good fit for you? Find out where you can find one-on-one ESL jobs, what the pros and cons are, and what activities you can use to keep your student engaged in the lesson.

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Teaching English Online With a Company Vs. Freelancing: Teachers’ Perspectives

Plenty of ESL teachers have swapped regular paychecks for the freedom of becoming independent English tutors. We interviewed some of them on why they’ve set out on their own and the differences they’ve experienced between working with an established company and working for themselves.

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Teaching Adults English

How to Get a Job Teaching Adults English Online or Abroad

Looking to trade in your puppets and stickers for mock interview scripts and email templates? Find out how you can get a job teaching adults English online or in person.

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