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Online English teaching is the fastest-growing sector in English Language Teaching. Whether you’re new to teaching and want to find out more or are an established online tutor looking for professional development, we have resources for all types of virtual EFL teachers. Learn about the skills and technology needed for the virtual classroom, online teaching salaries, job opportunities, best practices, and much more. We’ll help you successfully navigate teaching English online from home!

Shella Chua, Filipino Teacher in China

The Value of Experience: Add a Teaching Practicum to Your Online TEFL Certification!

Find out the benefits of completing a TEFL practicum, like increased job opportunities and more confidence in the classroom. Plus, learn how classroom-based and online TEFL teaching practicums work.

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online English teacher

Rachel, From the U.S., Traveling Online English Teacher

Inspired by the idea of traveling and their love for world festivals, Bridge grad and blogger Rachel Story, from the U.S., and her husband took a leap to become digital nomads. As traveling online English teachers, they’ve also created their own blog, Grateful Gypsies. Rachel describes how she has thrived in the virtual ESL teaching […]

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niche for teaching English online

Finding Your Niche for Teaching English Online

How can you become a more successful teacherpreneur and freelance online English teacher? Find your niche for teaching English online! Let us take you through the basics of what a niche is and how choosing one of your own can lead to more students and higher earning potential.

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online ESL lesson plans

How to Structure Online ESL Lesson Plans (+Sample!)

From using apps to engaging students sans physical interaction, teaching English online calls for a slightly different game plan than teaching in a traditional classroom. Nevertheless, you don’t have to jump through hoops to ensure that things run smoothly – all you need is a well-structured lesson plan! If you’re a freelance English teacher or […]

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tech tools

Online ESL Teachers Share Their Favorite Tech Tools

Do you often find yourself scrambling for digital tools in order to deliver your online English classes more efficiently and make your activities more interactive? Although there is a plethora of platforms and software available nowadays, your fellow educators can help you decide on which ones work best for teaching English online. We’ve asked some […]

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Online English teacher with her laptop

Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes When Applying to Online Teaching Jobs

These days, the online teaching job market is booming – but it’s also more competitive than ever. If you’re looking to break into this field, don’t make these 5 mistakes when applying to online teaching jobs!

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get a job teaching adults English

How to Get a Job Teaching Adults English Online or Abroad

Looking to trade in your puppets and stickers for mock interview scripts and email templates? Find out how you can get a job teaching adults English online or in person.

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ESL filler activities

7 ESL Filler Activities for Teaching Online

You’ve finally finished teaching your lesson, your students have completed all of their tasks, and then you realize you still have some spare minutes before class ends. Uh-oh! Since you don’t want to fritter this unexpected time away, you can easily turn it into a fun and educational moment by having a few ESL filler […]

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teach English to beginners

5 Tips for Teaching English Online to Beginners

Many new teachers might feel a little intimidated by the prospect of teaching English to beginners. Fear not! It’s quite unlikely your student will have zero grasp of English phrases – especially if the class is online. In reality, the student will likely know some basic words and phrases. You don’t need to know your […]

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volunteer online English teacher

Kim, Volunteer Online English Teacher in the U.S.

Kim Elliott volunteer-teaches through a program called CC English, which is offered by the Boulder, Colorado organization, Intercambio (a presenter at the recent BridgeUniverse Summit). We spoke with her to find out more about CC English, to learn what motivated her to become a volunteer English teacher, and to get a glimpse inside this rewarding […]

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