The Best TEFL Games For Adults

So you landed your first TEFL gig for adults. You might be thinking: “What the @#$% am I going to teach now without my arsenal of fun TEFL games?” Fear not, dear TEFLer! While adults may appear serious and boring, they enjoy a good game just as much as your average elementary-schooler. Perhaps even more so: get an […]

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building rapport in the esl classroom

5 Ways to Build Rapport in the ESL Classroom

As an ESL teacher, it is essential to connect with your students. Here are some simple, fail-proof ways to build rapport in the ESL classroom.

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5 New Year’s Resolutions to Rock the TEFL Classroom

With 2011 just a couple of days away, it is hard to avoid the temptation to make (and break!) resolutions. From the staff at Bridge, here are the top 5 New Year’s resolutions to rock your TEFL classroom in 2011: 5. Shake it Up! Try New Things in the TEFL Classroom. Sometimes we get stuck […]

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