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Interview with Bonnie Ulrich, Denver CELTA graduate!

When many people think about TEFL teachers abroad, they picture someone right out of college, so you might be surprised to learn that people come to TEFL from all walks of life and their stories are all unique. Here’s the story of one of the graduates of our CELTA certification course in Denver, Bonnie Ulrich. […]

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Coleen, teaching in Chile as part of English Opens Doors

Teaching English in Chile vs. Korea: Guest Blog by Coleen Monroe

Teaching English in Chile vs. Korea: Guest Blog by Coleen Monroe An hour before the flight, I asked a South Korean how to open the triangle kimbap I had just purchased. In Spanish. My last act in the Región de Magallanes y de la Antártica Chilena, where I’d lived for six months teaching English in […]

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Cultural Greetings in Asia – Can You Say “Xin Chao”?

Many teachers leave the West for English teaching positions in Asia and discover that they’re unprepared for the drastic cultural differences. One of the first many come across is the varying ways of greeting people. Honor and respect play huge roles in these actions, which are comparatively casual in the West, and knowing something about […]

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Love to Scuba as Much as You Love to Teach English? Do Both!

One of my favorite things to do when traveling is scuba dive. I’ve been certified for several years and my next trip (in December) will be to Bonaire, a Dutch island in the Caribbean known for its diving. If I was deciding where to teach English abroad, I would be sure to choose a place […]

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