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Strapped for Cash? TEFL In Thailand!

This post was written by Scott Beckman. Though a major TEFL hotspot, Thailand doesn’t seem to have the reputation for that countries like South Korea and Saudi Arabia have for being great destinations to earn a living as a TEFL teacher. Salaries in Thailand, when considered in terms of US dollars, don’t come close to […]

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TEFL Certification Courses: What to Expect?

TEFL certification courses, whether online or in a classroom, seek to train students to be effective teachers, familiar with modern methodologies in ESL teaching and proficient in the necessary skills. But what are those skills? What is covered in a TEFL course really? Each TEFL course’s curriculum is different, so there are a variety of […]

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Find the Answers to your TEFL Questions on these 2 Secret Sites!

Teaching English abroad is an intimidating thing. Picking up your life and moving to a new country to start a new job without a support network of friends or family in-country; that’s not easy for anyone. You’ll want to do your research, to learn as much as possible about what to expect. But how do […]

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Returning Home from Teaching Abroad: How I Coped with Re-Entry Anxiety

  Going abroad on a holiday or to study/teach abroad is like having an affair with your day-to-day routine. Traveling brings you excitement and fear, is an invitation to do new things, and breaks habits and rituals. For some, it is a constant adrenaline rush and brings freedom from schedules and daily mundane tasks. However, […]

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Interview with Bonnie Ulrich, Denver CELTA graduate!

When many people think about TEFL teachers abroad, they picture someone right out of college, so you might be surprised to learn that people come to TEFL from all walks of life and their stories are all unique. Here’s the story of one of the graduates of our CELTA certification course in Denver, Bonnie Ulrich. […]

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Coleen, teaching in Chile as part of English Opens Doors

Teaching English in Chile vs. Korea: Guest Blog by Coleen Monroe

Teaching English in Chile vs. Korea: Guest Blog by Coleen Monroe An hour before the flight, I asked a South Korean how to open the triangle kimbap I had just purchased. In Spanish. My last act in the Región de Magallanes y de la Antártica Chilena, where I’d lived for six months teaching English in […]

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Yes, You CAN Teach English Abroad!

  You’re excited about the idea of teaching English abroad; the adventure, the experience, the change to learn a new language… And you’ve done enough research to know that you’re going to need a TEFL certificate to qualify for jobs. But you’re hesitating. TEFL courses cost money and they take time. What if you spend all […]

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Top 5 Places to Teach English Abroad as a Newbie

  You’ve never taught abroad before and as excited as you are about this adventure, you’re having a hard time deciding where in the world to go. There are so many countries, and you’ve been told there’s demand for English teachers in nearly every one of them. Well, here’s where I think you should consider going. 1. […]

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Think You Can’t Afford to Teach Abroad? You Can with This One Tip!

  Teaching abroad has a long list of expenses. Airfare, hotels, certification… It can be a bit daunting when you realize your dream of teaching English might cost more than you make in several months at your current job. Then maybe you look at the salaries of TEFL teachers abroad in US dollars, factor in […]

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Cultural Greetings in Asia – Can You Say “Xin Chao”?

Many teachers leave the West for English teaching positions in Asia and discover that they’re unprepared for the drastic cultural differences. One of the first many come across is the varying ways of greeting people. Honor and respect play huge roles in these actions, which are comparatively casual in the West, and knowing something about […]

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