Building an EFL Course Website

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This post was written by Matthew Clark

It is hard to deny the ubiquitous nature of the internet in modern society. As online courses and content become more common, you should also consider how you can integrate online content into your English classroom.

Suggestions for building your EFL course website:

  1. Put up your syllabus. Include your contact information, as well as the calendar of topics and due dates.
  2. Build relationships and a community by asking students to write their own biography or the biography of a classmate, and post these online along with pictures of the students.
  3. Upload all your handouts and worksheets. Save paper (and the environment) by requesting that students print documents themselves or download them to a laptop which can be brought to class.
  4. Save your students time searching for good websites by providing a few links for ones you know to be useful. Have students critique each site.
  5. Encourage students to upload their own pictures or videos which can be used in class.
  6. Start a discussion board. Make sure to post interesting topics and also provide feedback on student posts. What is the point of writing if no one is reading?
  7. Create an anonymous feedback form. Students will be more honest if they know the teacher cannot identify their handwriting.
  8. Survey students on their interest in potential lesson topics.
  9. For those who are less experienced in building websites, you may want to try using Google’s BlogspotWordPressiWeb, or Webs to build your site.

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June 1, 2011