Teacher Shawn with students and friends

Bridge Grad, Shawn in China: From Teaching Abroad to TEFL Entrepreneur

Bridge grad, Shawn, earned his TEFL certification then taught abroad in China and eventually developed his own company there. He now produces workbooks and presentations for teachers and their ESL students. We spoke to him about his journey to becoming an entrepreneur and his thoughts on how the current global crisis is forcing the TEFL industry in China to “change and adapt.” 

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Jhonny Online Teacher in Chile

Jhonny, Teacher in Chile, Shifting English Classes Online During the Crisis

Bridge grad, Jhonny, is one of many English teachers that have shifted to teaching English online during the coronavirus pandemic. Jhonny tells us about the benefits of teaching online for both him and his students, as well as some of the downfalls.

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Mari, Digital Nomad Teaching Online

Maricela, Teaching English Online as a Digital Nomad During Coronavirus

Maricela is a Bridge grad who’s been teaching English online for three years as she travels the world. We caught up with her in her current location, Scotland, to learn about her experience as an online teacher in Europe during the global coronavirus crisis.

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Johanna, Teaching English in Japan

Bridge Grad Johanna, From Germany, Currently Teaching in Japan

Originally from Germany, Johanna, who started teaching abroad in 2010, is currently in Japan. She shares her path to TEFL, her perspective on teaching as a non-native English speaker, and the situation she’s experiencing as a teacher in Asia during the coronavirus crisis.

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An online English teacher during a class

How Teaching English Online Has Saved Me During Coronavirus

Krzl has been a classroom-based Business English teacher in Santiago, Chile for the last five years. Unfortunately, like teachers around the globe, she recently found herself out of a job, as schools shuttered due to the coronavirus pandemic. Find out how a shift to teaching English online is helping her survive – and even thrive.

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Meet Arunima, a Bridge Grad from India, Teaching in Costa Rica

Bridge Grad, Arunima, took the Bridge Master Certificate Course then went on to teach English at a Montessori school in Costa Rica. In this interview, she shares her teaching experiences and cultural insights.

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Paola, English teacher in Argentina

Bridge Grad Paola, from Venezuela, Teaching English in Argentina

Venezuelan teacher, Paola, first found her love for teaching English to young students in her home country. She then decided to expand her horizons and teach in Argentina. She tells us about her experiences teaching at home and abroad as an English language learner herself.

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Interview with Loren, a Graduate of SIT’s MA TESOL Program, Now an English Language Fellow in Myanmar

A former Peace Corps volunteer and current English Language Fellow in Myanmar, Loren Lee Chiesi talks about her global teaching experiences and getting her Master’s in TESOL at the School for International Training (SIT), a Bridge MA TESOL Pathways Partner.

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Hassan, from Tanzania, Teacher in Turkey

Bridge Grad Hassan, From Tanzania, Teaching in Turkey

From being a physics and chemistry teacher, Tanzanian teacher, Hassan, shifted to specializing in TEFL for kids and teens after getting certified with Bridge. In this interview, he tells us about his experience in Turkey, where he has been teaching for the last two years.

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Patti teaching geography in China

Bridge Grad, Patti, on Teaching in Indonesia and Beyond

Canadian teacher, Patti Smith, is a BridgeTEFL grad whose holiday escapade landed her in adventure-packed jobs as an English teacher in Indonesia and China. She shares her unique experiences in these countries and how she made the most out of teaching abroad.

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