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Bridge Graduate, Lana, English Teacher in China

Lana is a Third Culture Kid, She was born in Central Mexico to American parents, and lived there until she was about 12 years old, when her family moved to the States. There, she finished up high school and graduated from college. She is now teaching English to children in Lijiang, China.

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The Best TEFL Games For Adults

So you landed your first TEFL gig for adults. You might be thinking: “What the heck am I going to teach now without my arsenal of fun TEFL games for kids?” Fear not, dear TEFLer! While you might think adults are serious or boring, they enjoy a good game just as much as your average elementary-schooler. Perhaps even […]

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Technology in TESOL: The Wiki

It’s widely accepted that student collaboration is an effective tool in the TESOL classroom. Outside of the class, more and more collaboration is done online through the use of wikis. Why not bring wikis into the classroom to create an authentic collaborative environment for your EFL students? Why a wiki: Students collaborate more. Students think […]

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Testing in TESOL Part 5: Positive Washback

Have you ever gone into a test feeling like you knew nothing, only to leave feeling like you knew it all? It’s common for learners to benefit from tests. This effect is called positive washback, and it has a few possible implications. Tests help us to learn because they are typically challenging and often stressful […]

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Testing in TESOL Part 3: Authentic Assessment

The first two parts of this series covered a variety of testing types, but I wanted to give this one its own post: authentic assessment. Why do I feel authentic assessment is so important? Perhaps, as I’m sure many other teachers would agree, the word assessment has a pleasant ring to it — even if we can’t […]

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EFL Lesson Planning – PPP: Peter Piper Picked a Whatawhata?

Actually, in TEFL-speak, PPP is a term referred to in lesson planning and it stands for- Presentation, Practice and Production. This format is commonly used in the communicative approach to teaching EFL and traditionally, PPP is kept in sequential order. Presentation is the time to present the new grammar or target language for the lesson. […]

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