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Are you a talented journalist with a passion for the ELT industry? Do you have the ability to find, research, and write relevant and fact-based news topics for an international community of English language teachers? Write for BridgeUniverse News Magazine!

is to deliver accurate and interesting ELT news stories, as well as helpful resources for English teachers around the world.

is for a global community of English teachers looking to stay in the know.

is professional, inclusive, and authentic. We may cover some controversial topics, but we do so in a sensitive and open-minded way.

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  • • Always be honest and authentic in your reporting. If you can’t back your story up with facts and data, we will not publish it.
  • • We welcome controversial topics, but please be fair and impartial while reporting.
  • • Do not use slang or crude language.
  • • Use your unique voice when writing, but always be professional.
  • • Keep headlines and images clean and safe for work.
  • • Your story should always provide a service to the reader.

Frequently asked questions

We’re flexible on word count, but ideally, we’d like them to be between 500-800 words.
No. We do not require that our Freelance ELT Journalists travel or relocate for this position. All work will be done remotely.
When you apply, we ask that you please submit your rate per article.
Yes. We do ask that you source photos when writing articles for BridgeUniverse.
We ask that writers don’t publish content written for BridgeUniverse anywhere else once it has been published on our site. However, you are welcome to promote links to your content on BridgeUniverse on your social account and/or personal blog.