Brazil’s Higher Ed Policy Change – Funding for International Mobility

The higher education funding and assessment body of the Brazilian federal government, CAPES (Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel), announced a recent change to the way they will fund international mobility in Brazil. Rather than federal-level control over international education monies, autonomy will shift to institutions of higher education. (The PIE News)

The goals for this change in policy were announced as: improvement to Brazilian internationalization; strengthening of relationships between Brazilian and international institutions of higher education; and greater international research opportunities for Brazilian graduate students who will then return to Brazil with new skills.

Brazilian universities welcome this change, as should international education professionals everywhere.

Effects of Greater Institutional Control

With greater control of international funding shifting to the local institutional level,

• Brazilian universities will have greater autonomy for establishing their own international goals.
• Brazilian higher education personnel will want to increase their exposure to international education professionals for the sake of collaboration and strengthening of partnerships.
• Brazilian universities will be encouraged “to coordinate on an institutional level, making them easier collaboration partners looking to engage in sustained inward and outward mobility programs.” (The PIE News)
• Opportunities at international events worldwide will expand with the increased presence of our Brazilian colleagues.

International education professionals should eagerly anticipate this expansion of the international table, planning strategically with an eye toward important dates related to the policy change.

Get in on the Ground Floor at the Bridge Higher Education Roadshow

The new policy is set to take effect in Brazil in July, 2017, which is just in time for the Bridge Latin American Roadshows, planned for August and September across Latin America, including one in Sao Paolo on August 24th and 25th of 2017.
Deadlines are in October for the establishment of 2018 Brazilian international mobility funds, so August is the right time to attend the Bridge Roadshow in Sao Paolo, a uniquely intimate event of only 12 institutions, bringing together higher education, government agencies, and corporate partners to help you develop mutually beneficial and long-lasting partnerships. (Find full descriptions and itineraries HERE.)

With Brazilian Higher Education professionals preparing to take advantage of their newly gained autonomy, the Roadshow in Sao Paola may well be the best opportunity to make Brazil an important part of your strategic plan.