Bridge Launches International Education Consulting Division: BridgeGlobalEd.

Bridge Education Group has just added another division to its diverse portfolio of services with the launch of BridgeGlobalEd - International Education Consulting. We’ve leveraged our global reach and 30+ years’ experience as an international education provider to offer a unique set of services that meet the growing demand of universities interested in expanding into global markets.

BridgeGlobalEd assists universities with international student recruitment in much the same way as our Pathway solutions model, with the key differentiator being the availability of these marketing services on an à la carte basis. This customizable approach allows institutes to continue delivering in their areas of core competency while outsourcing other, select services where additional industry expertise and guidance are needed.

These à la carte BridgeGlobalEd marketing and management services encompass all aspects of international student recruitment, including agent network development and management, lead generation, marketing content creation (localized for specific markets), automated digital marketing campaigns, international recruitment events, admissions support, and much more.

BridgeGlobalEd can also assist university intensive English programs with a variety of services, including updating curriculum, adding innovative new programs, marketing, automating operations, recruiting international students, and accreditation.

We take a systematic approach toward consultation and implementation of marketing strategy, following four steps to meet a university’s internationalization goals: analysis, planning, execution, and evaluation. We collect and analyze data in order to determine the institute’s current strengths and differentiators, then create an actionable plan tailored to meet those goals. Once the strategy is executed, we continually monitor and measure key performance indicators, remaining nimble to make strategy and tactical adjustments in line with inevitable market changes.

With a range of marketing and management services available on an à la carte basis and a systematic approach to marketing strategy, BridgeGlobalEd partners with universities as they successfully adapt, thrive, and create new opportunities to meet the pace of change in higher education

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