Bridge Presents at 6th Annual AIRC Conference

Jean-Marc Alberola, Bridge® President and Carlos Pizarro, Bridge Latin American Regional Director joined forces with Marcos Avilez, Director of International Relations at Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaíso (PUCV) and Executive Director of Learn Chile, to present on Recruitment Opportunities in Chile, at the AIRC (American International Recruitment Council) Conference held in Miami, Florida from December 2 – 5th, 2014.

Attending the presentation were representatives from accredited U.S. Post-secondary institutions, and pathway programs interested in boosting enrollment of international students, and in the broader mission of promoting international student mobility at their institutions. Alberola, Pizarro and Avilez discussed the opportunities Chile offers for student recruitment.  Particular attention was given to the Chilean Government Scholarship fund (BECAS Chile), which offers scholarships to Chilean students for the purpose of studying at universities abroad.  The BECAS Chile Program is financed by interest earned on a $6 billion US dollar copper export fund.   The goal is to send 3,300 students abroad each year, representing 20% of Chilean student graduate study programs in addition to several undergraduate and technical training programs.

Alberola gave an overview of the student recruitment landscape in the context of Latin America and last year’s presentation on the Brazilian market.  Pizarro highlighted Chile’s unique position as a country ripe with opportunity for short-term study abroad exchange, particularly with the United States. Avilez gave examples as to how PUCV, the fourth oldest Chilean university, is making strides towards comprehensive internationalization and student mobility via international collaborative projects and an integral support system.

More than 300 attendees gathered at the 6th annual AIRC conference to contribute to the discussion of “complex policy issues, strategically based international student recruitment processes and solutions of international student recruitment.”( As leaders in the field of international student recruitment, Bridge staff consistently travels the globe, attending industry conferences and presenting on current trends in the international student arena.