Bridge President Interviewed by ICEF Monitor

The ICEF Monitor recently conducted an in-depth video interview with Bridge President, Jean-Marc Alberola, to gather his insight into commoditization and differentiation in the language travel industry.

With more than 25 years in the industry, Alberola’s take on international education stems from his extensive experience working in Argentina, Brazil and Chile to provide innovative expansion in global education. As an established player in the market, Alberola was able to speak on behalf of Bridge about how change-drivers, such as the Internet and other indirect changes, have provided both struggle and opportunity for Bridge and others in the global education industry. More specifically, Alberola was asked about adaptability, diversification and differentiation as key strategies for responding to dramatic shifts and risks in the marketplace.

The interview also touches on the industry-wide struggle of commoditization. Potentially occurring as a result of two key market traits - a mass amount of undifferentiated competitors, and the ease customers have in comparing, booking and rating services of multiple language schools in comparison with price, location and availability – Alberola has come to the conclusion, as have many other industry professionals, that some level of commoditization is inevitable, although it is not right for every program. From Alberola’s perspective, commoditization, although a gradual process, offers the possibility to explore new opportunities and innovatively conquer new challenges.

The ICEF Monitor is a dedicated market intelligence resource for the international education industry that reaches an audience in more than 150 countries. Read the full article, “From the Field: Commoditization and Differentiation in The Language Travel Industry,” and view the entire video interview here.