Bridge to Provide Support to Biennial of the Americas

BridgeLanguages to provide interpretation services for Denver event.

Bridge, a leading provider of comprehensive language and international education services, is giving back to the community by partnering with the Biennial of the Americas event during the week of July 15. BridgeLanguages, the translations and interpretations division of Bridge, will be providing interpretation support for participants and attendees who do not speak English, including interpretations of panel discussions on the evenings of July 16 – July 19.

Anticipating a number of attendees who speak Portuguese and Spanish, the Biennial of the Americas will be relying on interpretation services to ensure that everybody has access to the same discussions as the English speaking attendees. This is achieved through the use of expert simultaneous interpreters and specialized audio equipment, much like a miniaturized UN General Assembly.

Bridge believes the festival is an opportunity to help foster communication on issues affecting the Americas and make advances in international post- secondary education. Community leaders from around the world will be participating in this event, and Bridge understands the importance of ensuring that these discussions are carried out in a way that is accessible to everybody in the community.

This innovative collaboration fits well within the framework of both organizational missions. Biennial of the Americas believes in creating thought-provoking, community-based solutions with the help of industry leaders, ultimately making the world a better place. Bridge is a language and education company that has been putting these very solutions into practice and welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the event.

Nick Winkler, Director of Translation and Interpretation Services at BridgeLanguages looks forward to his organization’s forthcoming contributions. “We are proud to offer top-tier interpretation support for the Biennial of the Americas. We believe in the Biennial’s purpose to initiate conversations on business, politics, culture, and societal issues, and we’re going to help take that conversation across language lines. We’re really looking forward to being part of such a unique and international event happening right here in Denver.”

About BridgeLanguages

BridgeLanguages, a division of the established leader in language and education, Bridge, is a language translation, interpretation, and education company headquartered in Denver, Colorado. BridgeLanguages provides document, website, and certified translations, as well as onsite and telephonic interpretation services in more than 80 languages for business, academic, and government institutions, and individuals. BridgeLanguages also offers e-learning, full-immersion, private and group classes, and in-company language training.