Hitachi Employees Improve English Skills in Denver, Colorado

Employees from Hitachi Systems, Ltd. in Japan came to BridgeEnglish Denver this year to study General English. The students stayed three months in Denver, Colorado and were immersed in the language, as well as the culture, through host families, cultural activities and excursions.

The students took part in a customized course, with  small group classes throughout the day in the General English Program and 24 hours of private, closed-group instruction one afternoon a week.

Upon returning to Japan, the former BridgeEnglish students presented their findings about Subaru's popularity in the Denver area and were praised by co-workers and superiors for their great improvement in language skills. Especially one student, Yang, who improved 285 points on her TOEIC score.

BridgeEnglish is an English language institute located in Denver, Colorado.