Hot Topic at the Forum: Language & Culture

Language and culture are in the international education spotlight this year and Bridge is looking forward to discussing this important aspect of education with you at The Forum Conference in Chicago.

  • Is your institution implementing meaningful language and culture experiences both on campus and abroad?

  • Does it concern you that some students return from a semester abroad without having learned a word of the host country’s language?

  • Are your graduates multi-lingual and culturally competent to be ready for today’s increasingly demanding job market?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then join the conversation!  This year, it is apparent that these issues are on the minds of many educators. For example, NAFSA recently conducted a webinar about cultures and languages across the curriculum (CLAC). In April, The Forum on Education Abroad is organizing a Fireside Dialogue dedicated to the subject of the role of language learning in education abroad. At the NAFSA national conference you will find various colloquia on internationalizing curricula, from teacher preparation programs to business majors. In short, language and culture are finally getting the attention they deserve!

Bridge is excited to participate in these important discussions and will be participating in all of the above events. We invite you to do the same!  Our organization has dedicated over 25 years to language learning both domestically and abroad, and we could not be more passionate about any other subject.  We would love to speak with any faculty, study abroad advisors, ISSS staff, or anyone else who is concerned about these issues, and we invite you contact us at any time to do so.

If you will be attending The Forum Conference in Chicago, please stop by our booth! (# 61) We will be raffling off a $595 scholarship for a 120-hour teach abroad certification course! Our program managers will be on hand to meet with those looking to incorporate more language and culture into their curricula or education abroad offerings. Bridge would love to help!