New Bridge Linguatec Marketing Videos to Promote Top Programs

Bridge Linguatec, Inc. has recently launched a new set of online videos aimed to promote BRIDGE® programs offered in TEFL certification, business English, and university placement services.

The videos were shot at the flagship Bridge® language center and feature real students and teachers. All three videos portray authentic classes, student activities outside of the classroom, and life with an American host family, giving a real sense of what it is like to study in Denver.

“We hope these new videos will give perspective students a peek at what life is like at our language center and ease some of the anxiety about studying English far away from home,” said Jean-Marc Alberola, president of Bridge.

The videos feature the Bridge Business English InstituteTM, a premier program for executives and professionals around the world who want to study English in the US; BridgeTEFLTM Teacher Certification, an accredited 140-hour course in teaching English as a foreign language; and BridgePathwaysTM, an intensive Academic English program that combines university placement assistance with language study for foreign students.

“We've developed world-class programs here and we are thrilled to have professional videos that are representative of that quality. We currently attract students from all over the world and we believe that these videos will be instrumental in extending our reach even further,” said Margarita Finley, Marketing Director at Bridge.

The new videos are currently live on the Bridge® YouTube channel.