Notre Dame Sends MBA Students to Study at BridgeChile

Notre Dame MBA Students Study at BridgeEnglish in Chile as Part of an Ongoing Intensive Spanish Language Program.

The University of Notre Dame recently sent 12 students to BridgeChile in Santiago to participate in a seven-week Spanish course, in conjunction with Universidad Católica, as part of their foreign language studies.

During their stay, the students continue their MBA studies with a South American focus at Universidad Católica while simultaneously attending customized Spanish courses at BridgeChile. Their Spanish studies are focused on general communication through grammar points, phonetics and vocabulary. The students also gain a more in-depth understanding of Chilean Spanish and learn common phrases to help them understand and engage in conversations with the locals in Chile. To enhance their experience, the students have additional classes that touch on their experience in a new culture, and ways to more easily become bilingual learners.

 BridgeChile has been providing Intensive Spanish Immersion programs to University of Notre Dame MBA students since 2007. This group will be returning back to the United States to complete their MBA studies with the competitive advantage of bilingualism and a broader global competency.