Katharina Schmidt

Katharina is a writer and journalist from Germany. She obtained her undergraduate business degree in the U.S. and worked in various fields before dedicating herself to writing full-time. She has lived in five countries and is currently based in Manila, Philippines. She enjoys sharing her love for different cultures, language learning, and world travel.

Posts by Katharina

Do English Language Schools Invest in Teachers’ Continuing Professional Development?

Continuing professional development is generally considered a cornerstone of education careers, yet English Language Teachers at language schools around the world often lack professional credentials and only pursue the minimum required to get hired. Some teachers believe that employers are unlikely to provide or require CPD, yet according to our sources, this isn’t the case. […]

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Bridge Launches English Teacher Empowerment Scholarship to Support Global Educators

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many English language teachers (ELTs) lost work and had to make significant cuts in their personal and professional lives, including in their own education. To help global ELTs meet the challenges of these pandemic-related shifts, Bridge Education Group, supported by a YLAI Fellowship Program Collaboration Grant, created the English Teacher […]

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The Philippines: Emerging From a Sea of Language Learning Destinations

The rising demand for English teachers worldwide has provided Filipinos with much-needed employment opportunities and significantly affected other ESL (English as a Second Language) industry stakeholders. Large corporations profit from the Philippines’ competitive labor rates and the high global demand for English language instructors. BridgeUniverse spoke with two Filipino English language teachers (ELTs) and the […]

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