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Linda D'Argenio is a native of Naples, Italy. She is a world language teacher (English, Italian, and Mandarin Chinese,) translator, and writer. She has studied and worked in Italy, Germany, China, and the U.S. In 2003, Linda earned her doctoral degree in Classical Chinese Literature from Columbia University. She has taught students at both the school and college levels. Linda lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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a female teacher stands in front of her adult students smiling as they talk.

What Is Code-Switching in EFL Classrooms and When Should You Use This Practice?

People living in multicultural communities are familiar with the phenomenon of code-switching. Code-switching in the EFL classroom can enhance communication and has several functions. The term code-switching (CS) refers to the practice of switching among different linguistic codes. EFL classroom code-switching may be most useful in certain situations and with certain language proficiency levels. Let’s […]

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An English teacher works with two young learners on a worksheet

Your Guide to Fluency vs. Accuracy in English Language Teaching

There are many goals English language teachers consider when developing their instructional strategies and deciding on class activities. Considering whether to focus on fluency vs. accuracy is an important one. Is one set of skills more important than the other? Should they be taught separately? Can they be taught jointly? These are all good questions, […]

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build confidence in ESL students

8 Strategies to Build Confidence in ESL Students

Language-learning anxiety is a real phenomenon that affects many students and makes them less willing to participate in class activities and even attend a foreign language class at all. This phenomenon is present in all language classes to varying degrees and is usually independent of the studied language. However, English language learners seem to occupy […]

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benefits of professional development in ELT

8 Benefits of Professional Development in ELT

ESL teachers find themselves in a unique and challenging position, as they come from all sorts of cultural and linguistic backgrounds and have to bridge the gaps of an equally diverse student population. As such, the importance of professional development for ESL teachers cannot be understated. But, what are the specific benefits of professional development […]

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teaching critical thinking skills in fluency vs accuracy

Teaching Critical Thinking Skills in the ESL Classroom

Critical thinking has become a central concept in today’s educational landscape, regardless of the subject taught. Critical thinking is not a new idea. It has been present since the time of Greek philosophers like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. Socrates’ famous quote, “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel,” underscores […]

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What Is TPRS? A Look at the Language Acquisition Strategy That’s Growing in Popularity

TPRS is a method of acquiring a second language naturally and effectively. It’s an excellent tool to use with students of all ages but is especially effective with young learners due to its engaging nature. Below, we’ll look at how TPRS applies to language learning and explore some TPRS activities you can use in your own […]

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