Lindsay McMahon

As the founder of All Ears English, Lindsay is an education technology entrepreneur in the field of ESL. She's also an experienced English teacher who strives to help clients reach their communication goals in order to achieve their dreams.

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How to Create an ESL Podcast: 4 Crucial Components of an Inspiring Show

This guest post is by Lindsay McMahon, founder and co-host of the All Ears English Podcast. Lindsay and her team host live events and create courses, apps, and other technology to help learners focus on “Connection NOT Perfection.” If you’re new to teaching, you’ll want to get initial training and qualification with a TEFL certificate. […]

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Build Your Brand as a Teacher – Start an ESL Podcast!

Lindsay McMahon, the founder and co-host of the All Ears English Podcast, which has been downloaded more than 200 million times, explains what an ESL podcast is and what the benefits of creating your own podcast are.

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