IATEFL MaWSIG: No such thing as normal?

An IATEFL MaWSIG webinar presented by Lottie Galpin

The world is wonderfully diverse, but many ELT materials present a ‘norm’ that fails to reflect this diversity. Why does this happen and how can we avoid perpetuating our own sense of normal in our materials?

In this practical session, we’ll look at the existing ‘norm’ of ELT materials, why this persists, and the power this norm holds. We’ll also look at five powerful tips for avoiding this norm and making sure your materials reflect the wonderful diversity of the world(s) we live in.

Speaker: Lottie Galpin 

Lottie Galpin is an Inclusive ELT consultant, trainer, editor and writer. She specialises in representations of mental health, disability, neurodiversity, socio-economic realities, and creating accessible materials. Before moving into publishing 12 years ago, she taught in Austria, China, Spain, Taiwan and the UK.





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