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About the Conference theme:

Learning the melody of a new language can be challenging. From birth, and even before, we are immersed in the musical patterns of our mother tongue, primed to hear its prosody. When the time comes to begin learning a second language, these prosodic features can stubbornly stick around, transferring into the new language, and leaving traces in our speech which can impact our intelligibility and confuse listeners. For teachers of English, this transfer is well known, but what is less known is how can we best support students to perceive and produce English’s prosodic features, alleviating their struggles to notice and comprehend its intonation patterns, overcoming ‘stress deafness’, and in turn, pinpointing specific ways they can become more intelligible and effective speakers of English.

In this whole day online conference, IATEFL PronSIG invites you to join us to listen, learn, exchange, and take away a variety of methods and strategies for teaching the music of English.

Instructions for submission:

We are particularly interested in receiving proposals for presentations (20 +10 minutes for Q&A), posters (5 +3 minutes for Q&A), and workshops (35+10 minutes Q&A) on the following topics:

  • Teaching students to produce stress
  • Supporting students to perceive stress
  • Current research/data on teaching prosody
  • Teaching word and sentence stress
  • Teaching English rhythm and intonation
  • and any other related field

Complete this Google submission form in accordance with the following limitations:

  • Session title: 12 words
  • Session abstract: 60 words
  • Speaker biodata: 30 words

Deadline for proposals: Midnight (UK time), 6th August 2023

The PronSIG committee will be in touch regarding the outcome of all proposed sessions in August 2023.




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