Supporting writers in producing inclusive assessment content


In 2022 we conducted an extensive, retrospective diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) review of a Pearson test item bank which resulted in a large data set giving us a wealth of information on what is, and isn’t, included in our assessments. Following on from the initial findings, we have designed a training programme for our item writers that directly stems ,from the data. In this webinar we will explore how we went about this, how it’s gone so far, ,and what else we have planned. We will also explore questions around levels of engagement of the writer’s and how to balance experience with change in the bid to improve our item banks from a DE&I perspective.

Name and bio of speakers: Kasia Wojciechowska & Lottie Harrison

Kasia Wojciechowska is a Senior Manager High Stakes Tests at Pearson Education, responsible for ensuring that all test development processes are executed to the highest standard and that test material is fit for purpose. She also contributes to the development of digital assessment products, which deliver results to customers using AI technology. She has BA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from A. Mickiewicz University, Poland and MA in Applied Linguistics, ESP from Northumbria University, UK.

Lottie Harrison is an English Language Assessment Manager at Pearson Education. After many years in English language teaching, management and teacher education, she is now responsible for test development and supporting a range of assessment related activities, including embedding DE&I principles to every stage of the test development process.





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