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How to Use Pinterest to Plan Your EFL Lessons

I’m a very visual person. I need to see something to understand it and often looking at images inspires my creativity. That’s why I love Pinterest. I use it for everything from inspiration for recipes, ideas to decorate my house, and yes- even ideas for EFL lessons. There are hundreds of classroom-inspired pin boards, and it’s amazing how just one image can get your creative juices flowing!

Here are a few of my favorite EFL classroom ideas and boards that you should follow too!

Teaching the alphabet via Laura Volkening

If you teach English to young learners and need to introduce the alphabet, this is a good one for you!  You could even adapt this to practice numbers. Say a letter/number in English and let the kids draw it out in the salt. If you can find a large, shallow box you can have several students practicing at a time. My advice: practice vowels a lot, they always seem to be the most difficult to remember! Also be sure to keep the box on a sturdy worktop,  otherwise you’ll be cleaning up spilled salt.

“Shades of meaning” via Laura Volkening and Jonida Kollcaku

These paint shade strips are the perfect way to visually teach a word’s meaning and its synonyms! You can also use paint shade cards to teach vowel sounds.

Story Stones via Brandi Shinn

I absolutely love this idea! And could see it working really well for getting more advanced EFL students to come out of their shell and talk. For example, a student has to pick a stone and tell a 2-minute story about the picture on the stone. The only downside would be having to carry around a bag of stones from class to class!

Which TEFL Pinterest boards do you follow?

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