Bridge Expands Global Reach With New ASOCOPI Collaboration

Bridge Education Group has recently entered into a new collaboration with another TESOL organization: Asociación Colombiana de Profesores de Inglés (ASOCOPI), a non-profit organization for English language teachers in Colombia. Through this new venture, ASOCOPI members will have the opportunity to take Bridge TEFL/TESOL certification courses at a special, discounted rate. Members will also be able to get a co-branded certificate from both organizations.

Now more than ever, Bridge recognizes how important it is for ELT professionals to work closely together. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a difficult period for the education sector, and Bridge hopes that these collaborations will keep empowering teacher organizations around the world.


ASOCOPI’s mission is to “contribute to the betterment of English Language Teaching in Colombia by means of promoting quality educators.” Founded in 1965, it is one of the oldest English teachers' associations in South America.

Their methodology is to train teachers through workshops on specific topics offered in different Colombian regions. The organization itself is headquartered in Bogota.

“Every October, we hold a congress which gathers English teachers from all educational levels (primary, secondary, university, institutes) who hail from most of the country’s regions,” ASOCOPI President, Carlo Granados, tells Bridge.

The non-profit also publishes its own academic journal in which Colombian teachers can publish their reflections and research. Through comparing results, ASOCOPI is confident that its teachers are better formed English language professionals.

As for its members, 70% are university teachers and 30% are school teachers. They come from different regions of the country and work both for the public and private sectors.

Joining Bridge to Offer Member Benefits

Similar to its collaboration with Korea TESOL, Bridge wants to extend special perks to global organizations seeking to better educators. By offering a discount on its wide array of TEFL/TESOL certification courses, ASOCOPI members can benefit from Bridge’s unique initial certifications and more targeted Micro-credential courses and specialized TEFL Certificates. 

“The variety in the offer ranging from micro-credentials to certificates to short courses is appealing for our affiliates,” says Granados.

He explains that ASOCOPI is always looking for the best benefits for its member teachers. While they have good discounts for English courses and for some exams, Granados says finding the same for quality teacher education programs is not an easy task. The non-profit also has some limitations when it comes to reaching teachers in Colombia’s more distant regions, making Bridge online TEFL/TESOL programs a good fit.

“Given that Bridge's academic offer is virtual, we consider it a very good resource to get to that remote population,” he adds.

Transitioning to Online Teaching During COVID-19

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has rocked the ELT world in more ways than one. In the case of ASOCOPI members, the consequences have been mixed. On the positive side, it has triggered a transition to online education, which is great for catering to a wider geographical audience. However, not all of the country’s many regions have the best broadband, so some teachers have had to think of ways to cope with these new situations.

“Our members, like many teachers in the world, have had to find new ways to address the teaching crisis and bring solutions. Many of them have faced problems with connectivity, mainly those who teach in poor or rural areas,” says Miryan Cristina Vera Peña, Administrative Manager at ASOCOPI.

Most ASOCOPI members have been working from home, but not all of them are technologically savvy, and are therefore looking for opportunities to learn about blended learning, the use of apps for lessons, and how to make online classes engaging.
Unfortunately, this transition has meant a large increase in ASOCOPI member workload, which is why, according to Granados, most of them are also looking for psychological and emotional support during these trying times.

“A lot of teachers have been under pressure because they were tasked with implementing distance learning modalities, in many cases without guidance, training, or resources,” explains Vera Peña.

Bridge hopes that its discounted courses and co-branded credentials will support ASOCOPI members in their path toward becoming ELT professionals. COVID-19 has proven that educators need to team up and help each other grow in order to deliver the best possible lessons for students during this difficult period.

Working Towards a Global Community

The joint ventures Bridge sought with ASOCOPI and Korea TESOL are hopefully just the beginning of more global collaborations. Whether it’s through initial TEFL/TSEOL certification or through professional development courses, such as Specialized Certification in Teaching English Online or targeted Micro-credentials, Bridge will continue to equip worldwide ESL educators with the skills and credentials they need to succeed.

“Our mission is to offer opportunities to become better educators; therefore, Bridge's academic services help us to fulfill our mission. As our affiliates are so diverse, it is also important for us to enrich the options for professional development we can provide. One way to do this is through strategic alliances such as this one with Bridge Education Group,” concludes Granados.

Since its foundation, Bridge has worked toward empowering a global community of English teachers. Through this collaboration with ASOCOPI, Bridge once again showcases its commitment to fostering the growth of English language professionals worldwide.

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