Rashmi Chugani

Rashmi is a journalist and an English teacher. After spending many years between Peru and the US, she chose to make Spain her home. She enjoys contemporary art, Madrid’s theatre scene, and a good cup of coffee. She hopes to run her own online news organization one day.

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teach English to beginners

5 Tips for Teaching English Online to Beginners

Many new teachers might feel a little intimidated by the prospect of teaching English to beginners. Fear not! It’s quite unlikely your student will have zero grasp of English phrases – especially if the class is online. In reality, the student will likely know some basic words and phrases. You don’t need to know your […]

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get your first TEFL job

How to Get Your First TEFL Job: A New Teacher’s One-Stop Guide

New to the world of ESL and not quite sure how to get your first TEFL job? Find out how long it takes to get a TEFL job, where to find English teaching opportunities, and more.

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feedback for ESL students

How to Give Feedback to ESL Students

Feedback for ESL students is more than saying, “Good job!” It can take various forms (written, verbal, and visual) and have different purposes, such as assessing students’ progress, encouraging their efforts, and building confidence and rapport through rewards. The more you teach, the more you’ll find that using different types of ESL feedback is beneficial […]

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needs assessment for teaching English

What Is a Needs Assessment for Teaching English?

A needs assessment for teaching English is an essential instructional method that tracks students’ needs in the classroom. Every English class is different, as students have different motivations to learn – and hopefully master – the language. This article will illustrate the importance of an ESL needs analysis, as well as point out the key […]

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What does EFL stand for

What Does EFL Stand For? What’s the Difference Between EFL and ESL?

English language teaching (ELT) as a profession seems to love acronyms. There’s EFL, TEFL, TESOL, and ESL, just to name a few! This article will dive into EFL specifically and, hopefully, leave you with a better idea of what it entails. What does EFL stand for? It stands for English as a Foreign Language. Oftentimes […]

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How Online English Teachers Can Adapt to Changes in Chinese Law

China, a huge marketplace for English language instruction, has seen dramatic changes in its education system this past summer. New policies have affected private tutoring, which has made it necessary for online English teachers to adapt to changes in Chinese law. Though the online teaching market has been disrupted, the change also brings new opportunities […]

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TEFL/TESOL Online Job Interview

What Are Some Common Online English Teaching Job Interview Questions?

Answering online teaching interview questions is often nerve-racking – but it doesn’t have to be! Learn the most common types of interview questions and how to answer them.

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College credit for Bridge TEFL courses

How and Why to Earn College Credit for Your TEFL/TESOL Course

Find out how you can get college credit for Bridge TEFL/TESOL courses, and explore your options for taking the Bridge IDELTOnline course as a pathway to a master’s program at Bridge partner universities.

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ETS Offers Grant for Teachers’ TOEFL® Research Projects

Are you a global English language teacher interested in taking part in assessment-related research with your students? ETS, the world’s largest, nonprofit educational testing and measurement organization, is currently accepting applications for its TOEFL® English-language Researcher/Practitioner Grant for qualified educators. ETS provides research-backed products, conducts high-quality research, and offers assessments such as the TOEFL® and […]

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Nastassia Teaching English Online in Portugal

5 Ways to Set Yourself Apart as an English Teacher

These five ways to set yourself apart as an English teacher will help you make a good impression on potential employers and land a reputable, high-paying job in the TEFL industry.

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