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Interview with Shakti Mahadoo, English Teacher in Mauritius

Shakti, from the island nation of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, is a graduate of Bridge’s online TEFL program. We always like to hear from our alumni on how their careers have progressed, and Shakti was happy to share his experiences with us. Read on to learn about his career path and why he feels pursuing a TEFL certification through Bridge was the right move for him.

What made you decide to get TEFL certified online and teach English?

I have been teaching English since 2008 and I always wanted to get TEFL certified so as to teach in foreign countries. I also wanted to learn other methods of teaching and to learn how to become a better English teacher and trainer.

How did you get your TEFL job?

I got my job via Facebook. In January 2015, a friend of mine who is also a teacher sent a message to me through Facebook and he informed me that a French company was recruiting an English trainer. I applied for the job, I had an interview and I got the job. I like my job, it is very interesting.

How long have you taught there?

I have been teaching English as a freelance TEFL teacher since 2015, and I have been teaching English to children and teenagers since 2008.

Can you tell us more about the age and level of English students you teach?

As an ESL Trainer, I teach English to Europeans and my students are adults. Most of them are in the age range of 27 to 62. As for the levels, I teach English to beginners and to those of upper-intermediate levels. This year, I only teach one person at a time because it’s an online, one-on-one job and I use the webcam.

I also help some teenagers who live close to my house. I help them to improve and expand their vocabulary through videos, pictures, role plays, conversation, and grammar exercises. Concerning the teenagers, most of them have a good level and I help them to improve by laying emphasis on their weaknesses; they know I am there to help them if they have ideas, questions, or if they want additional notes and practice.

In what ways did your TEFL course prepare you for your job?

The BridgeTEFL Course is the best course I have had in my life and I feel so blessed to be a part of this prestigious school. My teachers were always very encouraging and they understood my problems and my questions very fast. I was so impressed by their knowledge. Ms. Torregiani and Mr. Alexander were very patient, attentive, devoted and always motivated me. Their feedback helped me to understand what I needed to do to improve as a teacher. The non-teaching staff was also very knowledgeable. I thank Ms. Berdahl who is always ready to help me.

They have all exceeded my expectations and I will further my studies with this great school. I thank BRIDGE TEFL for helping me to become a better teacher. I refer to my lesson plans and they are of great help when I teach.

What are your career goals? 

My dream is either to immigrate to Canada or the USA. The USA is my favorite country and I would like to teach English as an online ESL trainer to foreigners in Canada. I like teaching English but I intend to work in the movie industry and I think it is very important to have a good level of English if one wants to work in the movie industry.

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