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How to Succeed in the CELTA: Tips from a Trainer

The CELTA training course is an intensive, month-long program. While you are in contact with trainers and ESL learners over the course of twenty days, you will also be working over the weekends of the course on lesson plans, catching up on reading, writing papers (and rewrites), and also catching up on sleep. So plan for a month of CELTA, CELTA, CELTA, and tell friends and family this so that you set expectations.

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How hard is the CELTA?

How Hard is the CELTA, Really?

This post was adapted from one originally written by Susan Weymouth, CELTA trainer. If you’re researching teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL), you’ve probably come across the acronym CELTA in your online searches. That’s because the Cambridge CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching) is a particularly well-known brand of classroom-based (or onsite) TEFL certification, […]

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Interview with Bonnie Ulrich, Denver CELTA graduate!

When many people think about TEFL teachers abroad, they picture someone right out of college, so you might be surprised to learn that people come to TEFL from all walks of life and their stories are all unique. Here’s the story of one of the graduates of our CELTA certification course in Denver, Bonnie Ulrich. […]

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