Jennifer Collis

Jennifer is from Tampa, Florida, where she earned bachelor’s degrees in both English and psychology. After a short career in social work, she gave in to wanderlust, got TEFL-certified, and moved abroad to teach English. She has taught students of all ages at language centers in Costa Rica, Morocco, and Spain.

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JET Program

JET Program: Everything You Need to Know to Teach English in Japan

Have you heard of the JET Program in Japan? This popular Japanese teacher exchange program requires assistant teaching applicants to have a bachelor’s degree and citizenship from a participating country, as well as a strong interest in Japanese culture. The salary for teachers starts at an appealing ¥3,360,000 per year (which is about $26,000 USD) […]

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Completed My TEFL Certification

I’ve Just Completed My TEFL/TESOL Certification, Now What?

You’ve finished your TEFL/TESOL certification course – congratulations! Now you’re trained and qualified to teach English to speakers of other languages in locations around the world and/or online. But where should you go from here? We’ll point you in the right direction to make the most of your new credentials.

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What is TESOL?

What Is TESOL? What Is TEFL? Which Certificate Is Better – TEFL or TESOL?

You’ve been doing your research into getting certified to teach English as a foreign language (TEFL) and you keep running across the term TESOL. So, what is TESOL? Is the certification the same as TEFL, and which one do you need?

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Comprehensive TEFL/TESOL Certification

Teach Online and Worldwide With the Comprehensive Certification Bundle

Teaching English has been redefined, becoming a blend of classroom and virtual instruction. Likewise, the future of TEFL abroad has expanded to include teaching English in the classroom as well as teaching online while traveling as a digital nomad. How can teachers prepare for these diverse opportunities? Find out.

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Get Started Freelance English Teaching Online

Kim, Volunteer Online English Teacher in the U.S.

Kim Elliott volunteer-teaches through a program called CC English, which is offered by the Boulder, Colorado organization, Intercambio (a presenter at a recent BridgeUniverse Summit). We spoke with her to find out more about CC English, to learn what motivated her to become a volunteer English teacher and to get a glimpse inside this rewarding […]

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Free resources to enhance resume

Free Resources to Enhance Your TEFL/TESOL Resume

When applying for TEFL/TESOL jobs online or in the classroom, what sets your resume apart from other teaching applicants? Check out these free resources, such as professional development courses and digital badges, to help you stand out in a competitive job market.

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Teacher with students looking at globe

Bridge Job Assistance Resources: Land Your Dream Teaching Job Abroad or Online!

No matter where you are in your English teaching career — whether you’re just starting out or an experienced pro — you know the importance of networking and support when it comes to job searching. To provide this, Bridge helps you with the process of getting a teaching job from start to finish. From your […]

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TEFL teacher teaching abroad

Answers to Your Not-So-Frequently-Asked TEFL Questions

Know the basics when it comes to getting a TEFL/TESOL certificate and teaching English, but still have some questions? Get answers to not-so-frequently-asked TEFL questions, like whether TEFL courses provide materials and if you can teach with a state license.

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Bridge Micro-credentials

Announcing New Bridge Micro-Credential Courses: Your Next Achievement Is Just a Click Away

The accredited TEFL/TESOL professional development you’re looking for is now accessible and affordable. Bridge is proud to announce the launch of our new suite of Micro-credential courses, so you can upskill and enhance your resume!

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Questions to ask before taking a TEFL job

8 TEFL Interview Questions to Ask Before You Say Yes to the Job

It’s important to find the right employer. Here are some questions you can ask a school in a TEFL interview. The answers to these questions will tell you how established, organized, and professional the school or online English company where you are applying is.

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