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English Teacher in Peru

Hit the Ground Running— How to Get a TEFL Job in Central or South America

Is your dream job in Costa Rica, Chile, Brazil, or another Latin American location? With high demand for teachers, great weather, and fabulous culture, the appeal is understandable. Follow these 6 tips to get a TEFL job in Central or South America.

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Lauren, TEFL Teacher in Argentina

Seeking Summer in January? Teach English in South America!

When fall rolls around, some people are already counting down to the summer thaw. For you, my warm-weather loving friends, we have a solution. It’s not a fuzzy sweater or heated socks, but something bigger and better – a shift in hemisphere. Here’s why you should consider teaching in South America this winter!

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10 Reasons You Should Teach in Chile This Year

Natural beauty, great food and wine, and friendly people – Chile has it all. The New York Times even put this country #2 in its list of “Places to Go in 2017,” and it’s not hard to see why. What you may not know, however, is that Chile is also a great teaching destination, with flexible requirements for teachers and plenty of demand to teach adult professionals. Whether you choose to get TEFL certified right in Santiago, or take an online TEFL course before you go, here are 10 reasons you need to teach in Chile!

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Redefining Retirement: Wes Choc Teaches English in Ecuador

  Wes Choc, a published author, is also a BridgeTEFL graduate who bucked tradition by teaching English abroad after retirement from a career in business. In this post, excerpted in part from Wes’ blog,, about his various adventures abroad, he describes his experience as a teacher of adult students in Quito, Ecuador. After studying how […]

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4 Typical ESL Students You’ll Find in South America

One of the best things about teaching English is the variety of people you’ll get to meet as your students. Whether you teach English in bustling Buenos Aires, sleek Santiago, or beautiful Brazil, you can expect to run into a great variety of ESL students from different industries and walks of life. Here are the […]

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Notes From the Field: Interview with Martin Higgins in Colombia

Martin Higgins took the Cambridge CELTA in Bogotá last year and is currently teaching in Colombia. Originally from Cambridge in the UK, he actually worked for Cambridge Assessment, part of the University of Cambridge and the parent body of Cambridge English Language Assessment, which issues the CELTA. His father also worked in the EFL industry for […]

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Hand Gestures You Need to Know Before Teaching Abroad in Argentina

You’ve heard it from us before; learning the language is an important part of of your teach abroad experience. But, what about those non-verbal cues? The nods, the winks, the finger flicks. Those are just as important to understanding not only the conversation, but the culture too! If you decide to take the IDELT in […]

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