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The Best TEFL Games For Adults

So you landed your first TEFL gig for adults. You might be thinking: “What the heck am I going to teach now without my arsenal of fun TEFL games for kids?” Fear not, dear TEFLer! While you might think adults are serious or boring, they enjoy a good game just as much as your average elementary-schooler. Perhaps even […]

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building rapport in the esl classroom

5 Ways to Build Rapport in the ESL Classroom

As an ESL teacher, it is essential to connect with your students. Here are some simple, fail-proof ways to build rapport in the ESL classroom.

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Diversity in the EFL classroom

Advice for Aspiring English Teachers: Embrace Diversity in the EFL Classroom

So, you’re thinking about teaching English but have never been exposed to the world of ESL and EFL? Many new teachers embarking on a short summer stint or a dedicated career in this area haven’t had the chance to get any experience. It can be worrisome or even frustrating not knowing what to expect or […]

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ESL Icebreaker Speaking Activity

Understanding Fluency: TEFL Speaking Activities Part II

Here’s an activity that doesn’t involve as much repetition as those described in my previous blog about speaking activities in the TEFL classroom, but utilizes a lot more student interaction instead.Start by giving each student a card with a different number on it. If you’ve got ten students, number the cards one through ten. On each […]

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Teaching English for exams

What Every EFL Teacher Should Know: Teaching English for Exams, Part 2

This post was written by Matthew Clark As mentioned in our December newsletter, we are finishing up our two part series on teaching English for exams. We decided to consult Kimberly Stone, a current teacher in our Academic English Program in Denver.  Kim has a B.A. in English Writing from the University of Colorado at Denver […]

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Teaching culture in the ESL classroom.

Rethinking How We Teach Culture in the ESL Classroom

This post was written by Matthew Clark Teaching the target culture is a large part of teaching the target language. However, we should be careful that in teaching culture in the ESL classroom, we are breaking stereotypes instead of strengthening them. A very common mistake when teaching culture is to provide students with a list […]

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