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Post-COVID Online English Language Market Sees Continued Growth

Denver, Co – The global English language learning market is growing, but the market segment to watch in the coming years may be the online learning component of the industry. The COVID-19 pandemic undoubtedly impacted the online English language learning industry, as students around the world shifted to online learning, and new opportunities for edtech […]

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Teaching PTE Test Prep: 8 Resources to Guide Your English Language Classes

This guest article was written by Pearson, a leading global publisher of English language curricula and resources, courseware, and assessments. The Pearson Test of English, or PTE, is quickly becoming a global leader in language proficiency testing. Now accepted for Canadian immigration, as well as in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK, PTE tests are […]

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ESL Pals lesson plans

Get to Know ESL Pals: The Company Designing Lesson Plans for Teachers!

In this interview, Raedmund Gibbons, one of the founders of ESL Pals, explains what his lesson planning company offers ESL teachers. 1. Hi, Raedmund! Could you tell us, what is the company’s mission? At eslpals.com, our mission is to empower TEFL teachers worldwide by offering comprehensive and innovative curricula and lesson plans. We strive to […]

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improve students employability

How (And Why) English Teachers Should Improve the Employability of Their Students

This guest article was written by Pearson, a leading global publisher of English language curricula and resources, courseware, and assessments. In many parts of the world, English has been adopted as the standard corporate, business, academic, and scientific language. This means that mastery of English also facilitates and enriches the development of these four areas. […]

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how to use LinkedIn to get more clients

How to Set Up Your LinkedIn Profile to Get More Students

Are you looking to teach Business English or another language to professionals? Teaching professional students and/or selling Business to Business corporate language services (B2B) is a very lucrative and fulfilling business. The market still offers significant growth opportunities, and in this article, Alex Asher, CEO of LearnCube, explains how to set up your profile to […]

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Teaching Very Young Learners Online

Teaching Very Young Learners Online: 5 Interactive Digital Materials and Activities

This guest post was written by Milica Vukadin, Founder of Alice in Methodologyland, a nonprofit offering free materials, courses, and other resources for educators and young learners. Alice is also a preschool and English teacher for young and very young learners with a B.ECEd. and M.ECEd. and an additional TEYL minor. In addition to Alice […]

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ELSA Speak: Technology as a Dedicated Assistant in Pronunciation Teaching

Technology as a Dedicated Assistant in Pronunciation Teaching

With 1.5 billion people speaking English globally in 2022, this language has been the most spoken language worldwide for more than two centuries. Consequently, fluency in English opens the opportunity to get a better job in the multinational workspace and gives access to the biggest knowledge base in the world.  Acknowledging this fact, many non-native […]

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How to Leverage Voice Technology to Enable Speaking Practice for English Learners

This guest post is by Caren Chen, the CEO & Founder of Sensay, an education technology startup whose mission is to help English educators instill lifelong speaking confidence in their students. With Sensay, teachers can create speaking exercises for students to practice in class or as homework. Sensay’s AI gives instant feedback on pronunciation and […]

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ESL Tutoring Side Gig

4 Strategies to Kickstart Your ESL Tutoring Side Gig

Teaching private classes can be a lucrative side gig to your regular teaching job or a great way to transition into starting your own English tutoring business. Experienced English tutor Jake Young shares his advice on marketing yourself as an English teacher and building a base of private students.

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start an ESL podcast

How to Create an ESL Podcast: 4 Crucial Components of an Inspiring Show

This guest post is by Lindsay McMahon, founder and co-host of the All Ears English Podcast. Lindsay and her team host live events and create courses, apps, and other technology to help learners focus on “Connection NOT Perfection.” If you’re new to teaching, you’ll want to get initial training and qualification with a TEFL certificate. […]

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