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Hear from experts in the TEFL/TESOL industry on the latest pedagogy, news, and professional development opportunities. As a global leader in international education, Bridge has connections with gurus and industry experts across the globe. These experts and influencers share their expertise, so you can become a better teacher and learn from those at the top of their fields.

ESL Tutoring Side Gig

4 Strategies to Kickstart Your ESL Tutoring Side Gig

Teaching private classes can be a lucrative side gig to your regular teaching job or a great way to transition into starting your own English tutoring business. Experienced English tutor Jake Young shares his advice on marketing yourself as an English teacher and building a base of private students.

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start an ESL podcast

How to Create an ESL Podcast: 4 Crucial Components of an Inspiring Show

This guest post is by Lindsay McMahon, founder and co-host of the All Ears English Podcast. Lindsay and her team host live events and create courses, apps, and other technology to help learners focus on “Connection NOT Perfection.” ESL students want to be inspired! In order to teach our students how to put English into […]

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Build Your Brand as a Teacher – Start an ESL Podcast!

Lindsay McMahon, the founder and co-host of the All Ears English Podcast, which has been downloaded more than 200 million times, explains what an ESL podcast is and what the benefits of creating your own podcast are.

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6 Best EFL Blogs All Teachers Should Check Out

We interviewed the creators responsible for 6 of the best EFL blogs around today to find out more about why they started blogging, who should read their posts, and how their ideas can help ESL teachers in the classroom.

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Marek TEFL Equity Advocates

Marek Kiczkowiak of TEFL Equity Advocates Takes on Native Speakerism

Marek Kiczkowiak has been in the ELT field for over ten years and now runs TEFL Equity Advocates & Academy which helps English teachers worldwide tackle “native speakerism” and teach English for global communication. 

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Dr. Sandra Quiñones-Hemphill, "The Language Lady"

Interview With Dr. Sandra Quiñones-Hemphill, “The Language Lady”

Dr. Sandra Quiñones-Hemphill has dedicated over 18 years of her life to education, working as a teacher and administrator in the ESL field. These positions ultimately led her to become a successful teacherpreneur, launching a YouTube channel, “The Language Lady,” where she inspires ESL educators worldwide with her creative teaching tips and classroom activities.

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Laura Lewin, Giving her TedxTalk on Student Motivation

Meet Laura Lewin: Teacher-Training Expert, Author, and Speaker

She’s the founder of educational training company, ABS International, as well as a Ted Talk speaker, and the author of nine books for teachers, admin, parents, and students. In this interview, Laura Lewin weighs in on student motivation, making connections in the classroom, and the impact of coronavirus on education.

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Bryn Bonino, Brand Strategist and Teacherpreneur

How Teacherpreneurs Can Leverage Storytelling To Grow Their Business

In her second guest article, experienced English teacher turned brand strategist, Bryn Bonino, shares a specific strategy for analyzing and using your unique backstory to market yourself as a freelance online English teacher.

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Bryn Bonino, Teacherpreneur

3 Insider Tips for Success as an Online Teacherpreneur

Do you want to run a successful online ESL teaching business? Branding strategist and experienced English teacher, Bryn Bonino, shares a few of the best tips she’s learned as an online English teacherpreneur and suggestions to put them into action.

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Loren, a Graduate of SIT’s MA TESOL Program, on Her Experience as an English Language Fellow in Myanmar

A former Peace Corps volunteer and current English Language Fellow in Myanmar, Loren Lee Chiesi talks about her global teaching experiences and getting her Master’s in TESOL at the School for International Training (SIT), a Bridge MA TESOL Pathways Partner.

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