Meet the Bridge Team

Meet the Bridge Team! Our advisors, course tutors, and staff share their backgrounds, TEFL/TESOL stories, and best tips, so you can get to know our international team and learn more about our experience in the industry. We’re here to help you on every step of your TEFL journey, so get to know us a little better!

IDELTOnline instructor

Q&A With IDELTOnline™ Instructor Katie Henley

A seasoned English teacher and Bridge tutor with a Master’s in TESOL, Katie Henley is an IDELTOnline™ instructor who has leveraged her own language learning experience to help trainees achieve their goals. She discusses the path she took that led her to teacher training, her interactions with students worldwide, and her tips for how trainees […]

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IDELTOnline Q&A With Instructor, Katrina Schmidt

A former university professor with a Master’s in TESOL, Katrina shared how she shifted from teaching ESL to training English teachers, about her role as a trainer in the IDELTOnline, and what trainees can expect in the course.

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a female teacher holding up her Bridge TEFL certificate and smiling.

Instructors and Students Share Tips for Success in Bridge TEFL/TESOL Courses

We asked current students and instructors for our most popular teacher certification courses, the Master Certificate and the IDELTOnline, to share their firsthand advice and tips for success in these TEFL/TESOL courses.

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“I’m Not a Bot!” Get to Know Bridge TEFL/TESOL Course Tutors

Every Bridge TEFL/TESOL course includes a (real, live!) personal tutor who provides feedback and guidance. Who are the people behind the courses? Get to know a sampling of our tutors.

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Teacherpreneur, Gabby, on Keeping an Entrepreneurial Mindset in Challenging Times

Gabby Torregiani, from Argentina, is many things – English teacher, teacher trainer, Bridge TEFL/TESOL course tutor, and business owner. As a teacherpreneur, with over twenty years in the field, she shares advice learned from her own experience on how to maintain an entrepreneurial mindset and seize new opportunities, even during a global crisis.

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IDELTOnline Instructor, Katrina Schmidt

Meet Our Newest Bridge IDELTOnline™ Instructor, Katrina Schmidt

A seasoned educator and teacher trainer with a Master’s in TESOL, Katrina has taught at universities in the US, Colombia, Mexico, and China. She shares her professional journey and advice for anyone considering enrolling in the IDELTOnline, Bridge’s graduate-level TEFL/TESOL course.

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Kevin Mermel, Bridge Jobs Advisor

Bridge Advisor, Kevin, on Teaching in Portugal and His Tips for Job Seekers

Kevin describes his experience as a teacher in Portugal and how it led him to become a Program and Job Advisor at Bridge. He also shares the different ways he helps people TEFL – whether they’re just starting out or are experienced teachers in search of jobs abroad or online.

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Bridge Job Advisor, Maggie, on Teaching English – and Finding Love – in Brazil

Maggie Palmer is the International Admissions and Job Advisor at the BridgeTEFL headquarters in Denver, Colorado. She got TEFL certified while teaching English with the Fulbright program in Brazil. During her four years of teaching EFL in South America, Maggie was immersed in the Brazilian culture and learned Portuguese. She also met her fiancé and discovered […]

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Gabriela Torregian

Meet Gabby, Argentinian English Teacher and Bridge Course Tutor

Gabby, head tutor for the Bridge Teaching English to Young Learners and Teenagers programs, talks about being a course tutor, teaching young learners and teens in Argentina, and how being a non-native English speaker has shaped the way she teaches.

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Portugal: Teaching English Abroad in a Hidden Gem

Kevin, 23, is a new marketing intern with BridgeTEFL in Denver, Colorado. Before joining Bridge, he got TEFL certified and spent time volunteering as an English Teaching Assistant in Valongo, Portugal. Here, Kevin recounts his experiences with Portuguese culture and explains the many reasons why the country is an excellent TEFL destination!

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