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18 Surefire Signs You’re a TEFLer in Chile

Here’s a little love for our past and present TEFL teachers living in Chile. Because the best things about life in Chile are not on the pages of your travel guide.

You know you’re a TEFLer in Chile when:

1. You respond immediately when someone calls out “tia” or “tio”.

2. You think Sahne-Nuss is the best. Chocolate. Ever.

3. You’ve eaten manjar with a spoon.

4. You believe there are only two types of empanadas in the world: carne and queso.

5. You know that Chile invented the pisco sour. Obviopo.

6. You refer to people with an article before their name, i.e.; la Jessica, el Roberto.

7. Chilean wine is superior to Argentinian wine. Obviopo.

8. Dinner to you consists of bread and an assortment of spreads or toppings. And tecito.

9. You’re dying for a real cup of coffee. (No thanks on the Nescafé cafecito.)

10. You think drinking wine out of a carton is socially acceptable.

11. You’ve fumbled your way through the cueca at least once.

12. You’ve learned the hard way not to drink too much chica on September 18th.

13. You know the Chilean national anthem, or at least feel some pride welling up inside of you when you hear it.

14. You’ve had ensalada more times than you care to remember.

15. At least one person has commented that you are más flaco or más gordo since you first arrived in Chile.

16. You can’t imagine a meal without pancito.

17. You’re madly in love with this thin strip of land at the bottom of the world, and will always keep a place for it in your heart.


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