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how to teach ESL vocabulary

How to Teach ESL Vocabulary: Top Methods for Introducing New Words

Vocabulary is crucial to a student’s language development in order to relate thoughts, ideas, and feelings effectively – in other words, to communicate! But how do we help students build vocab without making them memorize lists of ESL vocabulary that will be soon be forgotten after the next pop quiz?

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TEFL Interview Questions

Advice From an Expert: TEFL Interview Questions & How to Answer Them

What’s the key to acing your TEFL interview? Preparation. Learn what schools and online tutoring companies are looking for when hiring new teachers, questions that are typically asked during a job interview (and how to answer them), and specific tips for preparing for your own job interview.

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NNEST Teachers Abroad

Guide to TEFL as a Non-Native English-Speaking Teacher (NNEST)

Is it possible for you to be an English teacher if English isn’t your native language? Definitely! Experienced English teacher, Lorena, in Mexico, shares her firsthand knowledge of how to teach as a non-native English-speaking teacher, or NNEST. 

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English Changes Lives­ – My Story and My Students’

Mexican-American teacher, Lorena, shares how English has made a difference in the direction of her own life and how her students in Mexico say English has created life-changing opportunities for them, too.

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Happy kids at elementary school

ESL Pronunciation Lesson for “S” Words

As an experienced English teacher who was born in Mexico and learned both English and Spanish at the same time, Lorena Siegel understands firsthand her students’ issues with ESL pronunciation. She shares this fun, snake-themed activity for young learners, teens, or even adults, to help Spanish-speaking students in with s pronunciation.

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How to Survive Awkward Moments in the TEFL Classroom

If you thought junior high was embarrassing, just wait until you become a TEFL teacher. The TEFL formula is a magic formula of being in a strange culture, speaking a different language, and standing up in front of a classroom, which leads to… DISASTER! Okay, I’m kidding. The magic TEFL formula actually leads to mind-opening […]

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18 Surefire Signs You’re a TEFLer in Chile

Here’s a little love for our past and present TEFL teachers living in Chile. Because the best things about life in Chile are not on the pages of your travel guide. You know you’re a TEFLer in Chile when: 1. You respond immediately when someone calls out “tia” or “tio”. 2. You think Sahne-Nuss is […]

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Hate Being Hot? Teach In South America This Summer!

Some of you can’t wait for the summer months to arrive: the heat of the afternoon sun, cold beer and baseball games, and melty ice cream cones. And then there are those of you who brace against the first waves of heat. You get grumpy when you sweat and prefer to blast the AC, creating […]

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4 Typical ESL Students You’ll Find in South America

One of the best things about teaching English is the variety of people you’ll get to meet as your students. Whether you teach English in bustling Buenos Aires, sleek Santiago, or beautiful Brazil, you can expect to run into a great variety of ESL students from different industries and walks of life. Here are the […]

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TEFL Journal

Journal Your Way to TEFL Success

Journaling is not just for backpackers and sweet sixteens! In fact, the humble journal can be your best teaching tool in the TEFL classroom. Here at Bridge, we recommend taking the time to jot a few notes at the end of each class in your own TEFL journal, and here’s why: 1. You’ll get ideas […]

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