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Teaching English to Young Learners

Teaching English to Young Learners & Teens: Classroom Management Strategies

Teaching English to young learners is an exciting yet challenging task. Learn classroom management tips that you can apply to your own classroom, straight from a teacher who has experience both at home and abroad.

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ESL Teacher Using Songs

ESL Songs for Kids & Teens + How to Use Them in the Classroom

Young learners and teens (and even adults!) enjoy learning English through music. A teacher in China shares his favorite ESL songs and activities to engage his students and even “trick” them into practicing new language points!

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Bridge grade, Omar Cholico Delgado, Mexican English teacher

How to Teach Teens ESL: Tips, Techniques, Activities, and More!

There’s a common myth about teaching ESL to teenagers: They’re more difficult to teach because they’re not interested in learning. This assumption can worry some teachers, who may picture themselves trying to manage classes of distracted young people who don’t want to be there. However, the belief is simply untrue! An experienced teacher shares teaching strategies, engagement methods, and other tips for teaching teenagers ESL.

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Brendan OShea, EFL teacher in China

Why I Left My Middle School Teaching Job for TEFL

Bridge alum, Brendan O’Shea, recalls why he left his teaching job in the United States in favor of a TEFL opportunity that would take him across the globe.

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ESL Class of Young Learners

ESL Classroom Management & Routines for Young Learners

If you teach English to children, or plan to, student behavior (i.e. ESL classroom management)  is probably something you’ve at best thought about– and at worst, struggled with. When it comes to teaching kids, routines are key (and downtime is dangerous!). This guide provides strategies for organizing and managing your class that you can use from the very first day.

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teach English in Phuket, Thailand (1)

Best Places to Travel While Teaching Abroad in Asia  

As an English teacher in China, Brendan has been able to take advantage of one of the best aspects of teaching in this region – the accessibility of amazing travel destinations. From world-renowned beaches to modern megacities and everything in between, these are his suggestions on where to vacation when you TEFL in Asia.

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Where to Teach English in China

When it comes to TEFL, there are plenty of cities to teach English in China, making job searching in this massive and diverse country a bit overwhelming! This article helps by summarizing some popular teaching cities and also explaining what the “tier” system is all about.

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