Peri Destina Eryigit

Peri is a digital marketing professional, writer, and teacher from Istanbul. The daughter of two ESL teachers, she grew up listening in on lessons until she got her own big break in Barcelona, Spain. Since then, she has taught English in three other countries for all ages, skill levels, and purposes. When she isn't teaching a language, she is typically learning one!

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How Can Volunteer Teaching Help You Get a Job

How Can Volunteer Teaching Help You Get a Job?

If you’re in the market for new job opportunities, one of the best ways to boost your prospects is to add volunteer English teaching to your resume. How can volunteer teaching help you get a job? Let’s take a closer look! Take a Micro-credential course in Teaching English as a Volunteer to learn the cross-cultural skills […]

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teach English without knowing another language

Can You Teach English Without Knowing Another Language?

Many aspiring ESL teachers fear that they won’t be able to teach English without knowing another language. This fear is unfounded, as most ESL opportunities do not require teachers to speak their students’ native language, and some won’t even allow it! Let’s take a closer look at why this is and what teaching strategies you […]

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volunteer teach English online

5 Organizations Where You Can Volunteer to Teach English Online

You don’t have to wait until National Volunteer Month – it’s April, by the way! – to contemplate how you can be a force for positive change in society. Thanks to the advent of virtual education, you can now volunteer to teach English online anytime and from anywhere, and you can have a powerful impact […]

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teaching English as a global language

8 Tips for Teaching English as a Global Language

With more than a billion native and non-native speakers, English is the most widely spoken language in the world. Teaching English as a global language is a practice that recognizes the characteristics that made English so widespread and prepares students to participate in this global linguistic experience by exposing them to different accents, dialects, and […]

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Online Teaching Best Practices

Online Teaching Best Practices: 7 Tips for English Teachers

The online English teaching industry is booming, and many educators are moving to the virtual classroom or at least teaching hybrid classes (a mix of online and in-person classes). Online teaching requires skills and methods that are distinct from those needed in a physical classroom. Whether you’re new to teaching or just new to teaching […]

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Shella Chua, Filipino Teacher in China

6 Common Challenges ESL Students Face (and How Teachers Can Help)

Learn about the most common challenges ESL students face so that you can help learners overcome them and have a positive English language learning experience.

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