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Shélynn Riel is Bridge's Expert Series Moderator and regularly contributes articles and ELT news reports to the BridgeUniverse blog. She has served as an English language instructor for over a decade, a program coordinator in both university and community-based programs, and an English Language Fellow with the U.S. Department of State. Her interests include holistic teacher development, learner identity, and decolonial ethics in the language classroom. She is the co-creator of The Teacher Think-Aloud Podcast, which focuses on reflective practices for teachers around the world.

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the blue lit stage at IATEFL, with a speaker behind a podium and four other speakers showing on the large projector before the seated audience.

From Decolonizing ELT to Embracing Multimodal Approaches, IATEFL 2023 Delivered Calls to Action

I arrived at Harrogate station feeling contemplative and eager to experience my first IATEFL conference. The view from the train into the North Yorkshire, England town of Harrogate is idyllic – rolling hills dotted with stone walls and the occasional cow – and certainly inspires contemplation. Having just attended the International TESOL Convention in Portland, […]

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elt association events

More Connected Than Ever: Taking Advantage of Global ELT Associations’ Online Offerings

Since ELT is a global industry, it’s common for teachers to travel the world and teach in various contexts. However, despite forming part of a global industry, English teachers often struggle to connect with one another to share experiences, challenges and successes. Teachers frequently express the feeling of existing on islands. Claudia María Uribe, Treasurer […]

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collaborative learning strategies

Collaborative Learning Strategies for Fostering Teamwork in the ESL Classroom

Collaborative learning is an educational approach that puts the onus on students to assume active roles in their learning and “do the work” themselves. Collaborative learning strategies present individuals with an opportunity to benefit from shared accountability, as well as the knowledge and strengths demonstrated by others. Teaching in the 21st century requires educators to […]

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teaching writing to ESL students

Teaching Writing to ESL/EFL Students: Tips and Activities for Any Level

Teaching writing to non-native speakers of a language presents a plethora of unique challenges and can feel overwhelming for new and seasoned teachers alike. However, teaching writing to ESL students can be dynamic and meaningful when approached with a bit of ingenuity. If you’re new to teaching, you’ll want to get initial training and qualification […]

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integrating 21st-century skills in Business English classrooms

Prepare Business English Students for Career Success & Employability With 21st-Century Skills

In this rapidly-changing world, Business English teachers are tasked with delivering language and skills that will increase students’ employability and effectiveness in the modern workplace. Teaching Business English extends beyond getting students to master corporate vocabulary and craft the perfect email. Students are best prepared when teachers place emphasis on integrating 21st-century skills into Business […]

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Strategies for Teaching Grammar to English Language Learners

Top Strategies for Teaching Grammar to English Language Learners

Teaching grammar is an essential aspect of your role as a language teacher. Your students rely on you to provide them with the tools necessary to engage in conversations with others, and grammatical structures take up much of the linguistic toolbox. But teaching English grammar can seem like a daunting task, perhaps even a little […]

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