ESOLSIG: Social-Emotional Learning for Students with Interrupted Formal Education: Lessons from The United States

Students with interrupted formal education (SIFE) represent one of the fastest-growing subgroups of English learners. Yet, they are underrepresented in education research. As a result, most educators are usually at a loss when it comes to working with SIFE. One approach that may yield positive outcomes is Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). SEL focuses on developing of vital social and emotional skills for success in school, work, and life. This webinar will describe the SIFE population and their challenges; outline the Social-Emotional Learning framework; provide specific teaching strategies to support SIFE; and help the audience to build confidence in working with SIFE.

Speaker-Anastasia Sorokina

Anastasia Sorokina is an Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics at Southern Connecticut State University, U.S.A. She received a Ph.D. in Education (Applied Linguistics Track) from Temple University. In her teaching, Anastasia works with pre-service and in-service teachers who work with English language learners. In her research, Anastasia examines connections between language loss and bilingual autobiographical memory in immigrant communities that are forced to assimilate. Her most recent publication, “Coping with language loss: A case of linguistic and cultural re-encoding of memories in language attriters” appeared in the International Journal of Bilingualism.




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