Fast, Fair, and Simple: PTE Solutions for Study, Profession, and Migration


Join Bridge partner Pearson in the guest webinar, Fast, Fair, and Simple: PTE for Study, Profession, and Migration, to learn how the PTE is changing the landscape of English proficiency testing. We will focus on English testing for nursing professionals. Join speakers Meredith Stokes, U.S. Recognition Manager at Pearson, and Scott Johnson, Managing Director at Swoosh English, as they discuss where the PTE is accepted, the latest in PTE updates, and the latest in PTE preparation teaching materials.


Scott Johnston

Scott Johnston is the Managing Director at Swoosh English. He has been an English exam preparation teacher for many years, teaching students all around the world to pass their PTE Academic exam on their first attempt. Scott is excited to share his knowledge and experience about how to prepare students to pass the PTE Academic exam. His team at Swoosh are passionate about what they do and he looks forward to discussing some of the best tips, methods, strategies, and mindset to have to support student’s achievement of passing the PTE Academic exam.

Meredith Stokes

Mom of two boys and one dog girl, Meredith lives outside of Houston, Texas. She remotely manages a team of passionate English language testing specialists who work with higher education institutes in the US for international recruitment while maintaining a focus of making the US a destination for PTE test takers. She builds relationships with customers first to help find the right fit for their international applicants through the Pearson English Assessment catalog. Before joining Pearson, Meredith worked in student recruitment for a large online university to promote learning at an accelerated pace in a non-traditional model.  Sales and marketing have always been a natural fit with many years of experience in property management and real estate sales. Her other interests are playing tennis, snowboarding, practicing yoga and travelling to new places

Anna Hearrell

Anna Hearrell is Bridge’s Director of Operations. She has developed innovative online programs designed to meet the needs of English language teachers around the world, including a Micro-credential course dedicated to Teaching English as a Global Language. As a teacher training provider, Bridge seeks to empower the global English language teaching community with accessible professional development options, teacher recognition, and advocacy.




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