IATEFL PRONSIG: Are we pronunciation ignorers, entertainers, enthusiasts, and (or) teachers?

An IATEFL Pronunciation Special Interest Group (PronSIG) Webinar presented by Ana Biazon Rocha

Despite the pivotal role of pronunciation in language learning, a great number of teachers are still unsure about how to teach it effectively to improve learners’ intelligibility when communicating, especially in international settings (Levis, Derwing & Sonsaat-Hegelheimer, 2022; Walker, Low & Setter, 2021). Thus, in this webinar, we will discuss some different perspectives through which many teachers approach pronunciation instruction. We will also consider what tends to work more effectively and what might need more adaptation and/or improvement to value pronunciation in the English classroom. Hopefully, this will be a chance for teachers to reflect and share experiences about teaching pronunciation in their lessons.

PRESENTER: Ana Biazon Rocha

Ana Biazon Rocha is one of PronSIG’s committee members and joint bloggers. She is an Assistant Director and Teaching Development Coordinator at the English Language Teaching Centre, University of Sheffield.

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