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Four Fun Things To Do When Teaching English in Tunisia


I am always surprised that we don’t get more inquiries about teaching English as a foreign language in Tunisia. With its mild climate and Mediterranean beaches, it easily rivals many other locations with its beauty and offers so many wonderful places explore. After living there for four years, here are a few of my favorite things to do or see in Tunisia:

1) Sidi Bou Said sits atop a hill overlooking the Gulf of Tunisia. It is the perfect place to wander through small winding roads looking at art or to stop to enjoy some jasmine tea and a delicious sugar sprinkled beignet- all while taking in spectacular Mediterranean views. If you’re a looking for a peaceful afternoon getaway- this is the place!

2) Souk: If you love shopping or just people watching, the souk has it all! From the exotic smells of spices and perfumes, to beautiful mosaic tiles and ornate rug designs, your senses are in for a treat! See why North Africa is known historically for its trade. Don’t be afraid to haggle or try out a bit of your Arabic- the merchants are extremely friendly and kind!

3) Carthage: The Roman ruins in Carthage are truly some of the most amazing things I have ever seen. They will instantly transport you back in time to the days of gladiators and togas. Take a picnic and spend the day working your way through the remains of homes, baths, a Roman theater, and aqueducts.

4) Matmata: So call me a Star Wars nerd, but visiting Matmata was definitely one of the highlights of my time in Tunisia. There are many sites all over Tunisia that were used in the Star Wars series making it a great chance to take in a little pop culture history as well as get outside of the city, meet the locals, and explore the desert. Be sure to try out sliding down the sand dunes, as they are just as fun as any sledding hill!

This post was written by Willow Pergl.

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