English teacher biking in Asia

Asia Overview: Where Should I Teach English?

Are you browsing Asian teaching locations and wondering which one might be right for you? First, you should know that wherever you go, the market for teachers throughout this region is booming, so once you’re TEFL qualified (120-hours of certification is recommended for most locations), you’ll have a paid teaching position lined up in no […]

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Rachael Reflects on a “Day in the Life” Teaching English in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Rachael is in her twenties and a graduate of Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.  A U.S. citizen living in Switzerland with her family, Rachael was already well traveled when in 2014, she decided to spend 5-months teaching English abroad as part of the Bridge Teach in Thailand Program. In the program, she was placed into a paid teaching position in Thailand and provided with housing and in-country support. Rachael’s placement was at the Princess Chulabhorn’s Boarding School, 10 minutes outside Chiang Rai, in beautiful Northern Thailand. I asked her to reflect back on a typical “day in the life” when she was a teacher in Thailand.   

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Teaching in China

Donald’s Journey From U.S. Public School Teacher to TEFL in Asia!

Donald is a BridgeTEFL graduate who went on to teach English in Asia – first in southern Taiwan and then at Ningbo City College of Vocational Technology and at Taizhou university in mainland China, where he is today.  During his time teaching abroad, he conducted a five-year educational research study and has written an article on teaching methodologies

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